How To Code a Hack For ANY Game! C# – Game Hacking #1

hello everybody what is up it is cyborg
elf here with another video and I’m actually back after quite some time of
not uploading, I’ll still be doing rb6 glitches but I just wanted to
get this out of the way first and a lot of people are interested in this and
I’ve had a lot of people in discord asking me to make a video on about game
hacking and I decided to do a game hacking series and don’t worry guys I’m
still gonna be uploading glitch videos and all that good stuff but I just want
to get this out of the way and also sorry for being gone for posting for so
long but game hacking pretty pretty tough topic it’s kind of hard to learn
it’s not hard to learn it’s hard to understand it takes a lot of time but I
had a lot of people wanted me to go for this especially in my discord I had a
few people hold private message me and I’m just having to start making serious
but for game hacking it’s not that difficult once you understand it and
we’re gonna be going to code in c-sharp let’s go over the
stuff that you need first you need microsoft visual studios
Visual Studio is 2017 like this right here you can give her earlier models
like 2015 and stuff but I think 2015 is the best just because it’s the newest
but I know other hackers that debate that you also you need a soak you like
the title said you can you can use the information you learned from these
tutorials for for any game but a soul cube is just a fun little game to test
out hacks without the consequences of any Daiichi
bailing you you know anyways it’s all keep sure is a fun game to play on its
own you’re Navy a memory I have it right
here I’ll go over what VA memory is and what it does later here to read and
write process memory and c-sharp in VA memory actually is detected I’ll go over
how to make like things undetected bypass anti cheats in how to find
addresses and offsets I’ll go over what addresses and offsets are later in the
tutorial series and just in this tutorial but VA memories pretty useful
and it saves a lot of time from having a code now this is a salt cube addresses
and offsets this is MP gh it’s a game hacking form I don’t really like this
one too much a better one is a better ones unknown cheats oh gosh that is not
the right website right here this is a nice nice form it’s pretty good they
have a lot of people that help you out and learn how to code and they have a
lot of source code where you can learn from other people it’s a nice community
it’s a lot better than in PGH I’m not gonna talk down to back to it because
we’re using the addresses and offsets that they have right here so you might
be wondering what the address is an offset and what all these numbers are
and what they need so I made a little diagram for you guys so if you want to
hack say make a TSP so say we’re trying to make it USP we have a SP box which is
we’re calling upon person for a SP box but say we want something more in depth
like we want to make a ESPE around the players head so what you do is you find
the base address of the player this could also be local player address so
say we had the local player address which is just gonna for example the
bunch of numbers those are numbers are they so bunch of numbers
now we had the player but if we want to get the address of the players head say
they address the players head is like seven seed so you can’t just call upon
7c and get the players head you have to call upon the base address and the
players head together to get the head of the player I’m not explaining stuff but
I hope that made sense to some of you but I’m gonna go over how you’re gonna
get this done so this is a this is what it may look like and this is kind of
like a rough copy I made this in just a few minutes but in visual Studios you
want to make a new project and you’re gonna do console app dotnet framework
let me just name this you know like today I like to save my stuff to the
desktop it’s just I like it there it’s easy to find yeah let’s make that
alright so right here we actually have a blake document but before we go too far
into that I want to go over what a goal is in this very first tutorial they’ll
be more and we’ll go over more stuff this is a salt cube I recommend setting
your settings go to settings say mister window but a goal here is to change the
players health so right now the health is at 100 our goal is to change our
health – god mode just to go over how you can change in right to memory
processes so that’s that I like you now like I said with this V a memory that we
downloaded online via memory is simplified to read and write memory so
you want to add this as a reference so we right click on references add
reference click right here on VA memory well actually you guys won’t want to do
that you’ll want to click browse and go just
select via memory I don’t want to do that so don’t have two cops at the same
DLL but down here you should have VA memory if it’s not there you did
something wrong so let’s expand this we need to include sorry about the capsule
on so we need to include system threading let’s put a semicolon right
there so make sure you add that let’s go like this let’s just add some
spaces in between these little brackets so right here I’ll put it like this so
we have public static it’s now these integers you can know you want to leave
them like this so you can change them for example I had a rainbow six hack
that I made but once the game updated to the new operation Paris something the
offsets changed so yet to find the offsets again I’ll go into how to find
offsets on your own without finding them online like we did on in PGH it saves
you a lot of time fair old games you can find them online but in a later tutorial
going to use how to cheat engine to find your own but what we’re doing here is
we’re going to make a public static int I’m just gonna copy and paste this here there we go that was a lot of empathy so
let’s do a base address and then let’s do one for health the health offset in
the base address now the base address if you want to go look at that MP gh form
it is this right here or you can just copy what I write but you may need to go
to that form if the game actually just update because I think it has before but
right here we have our two addresses so what we need to do right here is we
actually need to find e the soul cube client
let’s go V a memory for V N equals new memory so this right here we actually
want to name AC underscore client because that’s the process name of the
game so if you’re doing for example Rainbow six siege you’d put Rainbow six
not Rainbow six dot exe because the exe is already interpreted or basically
logically concluded that it’s there so the process of the knick game is AC
underscore clients so we’re just gonna do that now if we go back to the diagram
here what we need to do is we need to call on both the base address in the
offset to get the health so you have to call up both of them to get what you’re
looking for so what we’re gonna do here is we’re gonna call them both of the
offset and base address together keep it simple because VM that’s calling
panco so acute client read in 32 let’s do two semicolons right here ain’t PTR
and now since we don’t want to have to write down the base address again since
this was turned into a variable of some what we can just type in base so there’s
a pointer going to base we put this right here and let’s make it so this is
always so we can do file just put this right here that’s what a
bracket all right so hint address equals local layer plus health I’m gonna add
the two together and now this is where we actually kind of changed the values
so V am right in 32 let’s do a pointer so this is what we
want to change the that health to you so after we call upon all the variables we
can put a comma and change the hull to whatever we want to so let’s just you
nines so that should be fine we put this right here and actually type this wrong
so we need an L right there most of spelt something wrong yeah I put a spell
address film usually did this the first time I think so right here we have all
the values called upon so this should actually work so let’s open the assault
you client and let’s see if this a first toilet
worked just actually go right here and let’s start debug this typically takes
some time if you get the air sometimes it’s simple stuff like unexpected or
expected semicolon I get that a lot because I forgot to put this in my
colons let’s see if this worked and it actually did work so our health is 9 9 9
and even after we got to take damage because it’s a while true command so
that means like always it’s gonna reset my health but we can actually set a
delay and I’ll go over that in a second so should use some median BOTS just
gonna dismantlement like this mood so let’s quit writing it myself shot it’s
right here see he’s shooting me and my health goes back automatically but if
you actually want to go to the task manager I won’t do that right now it
takes up a lot of CPU use there’s a lot of uses it’s constantly changing the
value and you’re not always constantly getting shot so what we can do right
here is we can actually stop this I’ll probably die from all the gunfire but we
can go thread the red duck sleeping we insist at a
time I like to keep mine at 100 I’m gonna put a semicolon that’s why we
added system 30 and if we go get shot it’ll be probably a delay before health
it’s fixed back to 999 let’s come out here yeah as you can see it’s a little
longer that my health is down for it you can definitely change the time to
probably like 500 instead of 100 and you’ll actually notice a more noticeable
change in your health before it’s restored to 999 but there’s a lot of
stuff you can deal with offsets in changing the values of them so in a
later tutorial go over and how all that works anyways if you all enjoyed it
would be amazing if you leave a like on this video I’ll go over a lot more about
hacking anti cheats and all that so you guys can eventually make one of your own
but peace out

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