How to download and install Microsoft’s HTML Help Workshop compiler (Step-by-step guide)

Hello Folks.In order to generate documentation in CHM format, you must first download and install Microsoft’s HTML Help Workshop compiler. This free compiler allows you to use HelpNDoc to generate CHM help files on Windows. The first thing you will to do is download the installer. In HelpNDoc, click the ‘File’ tab, then select Options. This will now display the ‘HelpNDoc Options’ window. Click the ‘Compilers’ tab and then click the ‘Download’ link to the right of the ‘Microsoft HTML Help Workshop’ path to download the installation software from Microsoft’s web-site. This will download the software installer ‘htmlhelp.exe’. Be sure to remember in which folder you saved the installer file to. Now locate the installer file you just downloaded and double-click it to start the installation process. If your User Account Control is activated, click ‘Yes’. This will now display the license agreement window. Be sure to read the agreement, and click ‘Yes’ to accept and proceed with the installation. After a few seconds a confirmation window will be displayed confirming you wish to install the HTML Help Workshop compiler software. Click ‘Yes’ if you wish to install the compiler at this time. The next window that is displayed will ask for the folder in which you would like the compiler software to be installed to. To use the default location, click ‘OK’. If you would like to install the compiler to another folder of your choosing, click the ‘Browse’ button and navigate to the desired folder of your choice. Here I will choose the default location and then click OK. During the installation process, you may get a message box indicating that a newer version of ‘HTML Help’ is installed. This message is referring to the CHM Viewer that was already installed on your computer on any recent version of Microsoft Windows. It is not referring to the compiler that you just installed. Just click ‘OK’ to skip this message. After the installation process has completed, a message box will be displayed confirming that you have successfully installed HTML Help Workshop. Click ‘OK’ to finish the installation and close the window. Now, return to the ‘HelpNDoc Options’ window and confirm that the path to the HTML Help Workshop compiler you defined during the installation process is displayed. If the path is not accurately displayed, click the ‘File Browse’ button on the far right to navigate to it. Note, make sure the path ends with the ‘hhc.exe’ filename as any other file will cause the generation process to fail. Once Microsoft’s HTML Help Workshop compiler path has been confirmed, click ‘OK’. The Microsoft HTML Help Workshop software is required in order to generate CHM help files. It is free, easy to download and setup in HelpNDoc. HelpNDoc is free for personal use and evaluation purposes. You can download it at and see other video guides at Thanks for Watching!

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