How to Fix DirectX Error When You Run a Game on PC

How to Fix DirectX Error When You Run a Game on PC

today’s topic is ditectX error generally it can come in any game if your direct x application is not available or not updated the software you install for gaming they require resources of your system directx is a bridge between your operating system and the game it takes the required resources from the OS, and provide to the game so after you install your game and when you try to run it. it failed “and shows a error requires at least.. “whatever the version is 9 – 11 – 10 errors can come like “older direct x version “or “newer directx version required” “you machine is not supporting” these kind of errors occurs error message can be different ,game by game direct x error comes in any of your game but error can be solved only by one method, what i am going to tell you sometimes we already have the directx, on our machine but the error still comes but you still have to download it i will tell you all the techniques how to do it so very first step is : we have to know which direct x version we have already installed for that first open run command by pressing window r run command window will appear write here dx diagnostics dxdiag in short press ok the whole direct x diagnostic tool will come in front of us bios info here is the system information and our direct x version is 12 it is a software of Microsoft and we are going to download it from a Microsoft site so we have a latest one as we now know our direct x version so download the latest one always but before that we do one more thing see, whatever the software we install see, regedit type regedit by pressing the window key you can write it in run command and open it it will appear, press yes to open registry edit is very important in our computer like in real life when we buy land or something we have to register it like that when we install any software registry editor registers all the software in our computer their register keys defaults , values version etc registered here so if there is an old direct x version is installed then you have to do a little setting here firstly go to hkey local machine these are very easy steps to follow, understand with logic that we go to our local machine and then in our local machine we have to see our software here is the software list of the local machine click on the software, after expanding the hkey local machine tree view expended here in that we have to search microsoft software and here is the microsoft tree view expend it so here is our microsoft software list here we will find the directx, search with letter d here it is look at right side of the screen 1st is default, no need to edit or delete it and here is installed version, and because we are going to change it so right click on installed version and delete it why we are deleting it because there is a registry of installed version already because we are going to install newer version so we delete the registry also why i am telling this? because it also could be the issue of error may be the newer version have been installed but registry remained the unchanged so i am double checking may our game run for sure and the error go so delete the registry ok so after the deleting close it so after it, your very important job is to download the directx to download the directx what you have to do i will drop the link in description box to download it but there is one more way i tell you simply, type direct x in the browser you will get topmost link download directx microsoft link when we go other websites you find many download buttons there what is downloading is the very confusing thing unwanted application can download there viruses can download there to get rid of this go to microsoft link there is only button to download no confusion click on download, ok click on no thanks here we don’t need these things only 286kb application, it will download quick here it is click on show in folder run as administrator while we have downloaded it from microsoft website note, that is why we don’t need to do any registry settings click on I accept click nex next as always, it will be installed, ok after this only one thing remains to do only to check an other issue i told you some things like deleted that registry version when new version install it replace the registry, but i have checked that issue also, for some exceptional cases like that, we have windows features turn on and turn off option press window key write windows feature you will get this turn windows features on or off click on it here a new window will appear of windows features in this go down here you will get legacy component here it is, see legacy component expend the tree view you will get here direct play if these are not checked, check the both like these of mine ok if your are not checked then check them press ok get out of it after this, like in starting we have done dxdiag check here you can check and after it play the game that is it after this, you will free from directx issue so friends how was the video please tell us down and don’t forget to subscribe share it, tag on social media to the friends like it thakyou so much for watching the video see you in next video bye bye

100 thoughts on “How to Fix DirectX Error When You Run a Game on PC”

  1. Bro because of this screen saver is not coming,games are not working if I put a video I running slow what should I do!!!!

  2. i still can't install DX 9, but on the other hand i can play cs:go now thanks.

    I always got stuck in the first installation thing and after deleting the installed version it worked just fine.

    PC Specs:
    Lenovo IdeaPad 330 – i5 8250u – 8GB – 1TB
    Windows 10 bulld 1809 – 17763.316

  3. dderr_unsupported ka error ata hai,,,,, jo ap ne bataya same to same wohi kia us k baad bhi please tell me something about this problem.

  4. bhosdik , chutiye
    mere computer me directx ka jo instlled version tha wo maine delete kar diya……(jaisa tune bola tha)
    fir maine new version teri di hue link se download kiya……
    kuch change hua hi nahi aur mera installed version bhi ab nahi raha………
    chutiye ab me kya karu……………….purana wala version to wapis la kar de.

  5. Unfortunately. This video did not help. Since. My computer (Windows 7 Desktop) did not have the so called DirectPlay.

  6. Mere pc main directx-12 hain. Mene fir se directx 11 install kia. Lekin system main directx 12 dikha raha hai. Kuch problem ho sakta hain?

  7. Golden News and Games Pakppatan

    please help me click the link and watch video and tell me what is the error

  8. Golden News and Games Pakppatan

    please sir, help me click the link and watch video and tell me what is the error

  9. Golden News and Games Pakppatan

    please help me click the link and watch video and tell me what is the error​

  10. भाई मेरा एक ही सवाल है कि मेरे लैपटॉप में ये legacy components का ऑप्शन आ ही नहीं रहा है मेरे किया बाकी लोगों के कंप्यूटर में भी नहीं आ रहा है सभी लोग कई मेथड बताते है लेकिन legacy components के बारे में कोई नहीं बताता है अगर आप बता पाओ तो धन्यवाद

  11. max payne requires a directx 8 compatible display adapter , please consult the troubleshooting readme in the installation folder

  12. I have latency opponents but when I click on direct play and then on okay it do3snt work if I open it up again then it is untocked

  13. Hlo sir mene purane pre-installed directx ko delete kiya jese aapne dikhaya…phir naye downloaded wale nhi ho rha install🤕…madad kijiyega!

  14. this video is confusing. try this instead:
    DirectX 8.1 error FIXED!!

    Here is how you can run Generals, ZH, Shockwave etc on modern computers:

    Make a desktop shortcut of Generals.exe

    Right click on it. Select Properties.

    Click the "Shortcut" tab.

    Add -win to the target line
    (eg. "C:Program Files (x86)EA GamesCommand and Conquer Generalsgenerals.exe" -win)

    Now right click on your desktop. Select "Screen Resolution"
    found in the Display option

    Change to "Portrait" (The screen will turn on its side. This is temporary and required for the fix. It will be changed back soon)

    Start the game.

    Go to options and change screen size from 800 etc to the bigger size.

    Exit and restore screen orientation back to landscape.

    That was necessary to fit the window on the screen.


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