How to Grow Java Moss: Vesicularia Species Sunday

How to Grow Java Moss: Vesicularia Species Sunday

Species Sunday, Java moss as simple as it
is. Java moss here, Java moss there, you know it’s a great plant. It’s a low form of plant
sort of speak. It’s not a very complex plant, so it grows very very easy. You can keep it
in any conditions almost it’s great for keeping little bugs, critters and stuff that needs
some harbor in your tanks. You know you can get it, have them give it to you don’t let
them sell it to you at the pet store. Just be like “Yo give me some of that,” because
you don’t need much it will grow. Great for filtering I use it kind of as an extra filter
in my tanks. It’s cool to aquascape with it’s a little difficult because it grows so fast
it grows out of control. I have a picture of my old 125 where I had it growing as a
little muff patch, I mean a carpet in my tank. It looked really cool but it just grew out
of control once you put it in your tank if you have dirt it’s really tough to get out.
So I would advice using it first but just proceed with caution because like Jungle Val
it will grow ape shit. So good species, great if you have these little cherry shrimp that
I’ve got they love it, they breed like crazy. There’s a bunch of different species of moss
too. There’s Christmas moss, there is Taiwan moss, there’s Java moss, I can’t go into all
of them there is too many. But it works well you can float it, plant it, whatever if you
can find it use it out of the gate. Your fish like it your fish love it. So Java moss can’t
get too excited about it but it’s a cool plant.

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  1. hey dustin can u do red ludwigia and narrow leaf ludwigia ? i just got some narrow leaf ludwigia and i could know some more bout it thanks

  2. My javamoss isnt doing well at all in my 10 gallon. What's the #1 I could improve that would help this really easy to grow plant have more support. I'm guessing the CO2 that my guppies I have don't give off enough. I think I might try the yeast dealie without the molasses.

  3. Dustin's Fish Tanks

    @JouninSpriggan Give up, you can't keep plants. your done! Kidding…. add some a waterchange….got a pic of it?

  4. @Dustinsfishtanks

    I do water changes every 1-2 weeks since I've had bad luck with changing water too frequently. I use de-chlorinaters and all and the Ph level and tempreature are constant.

    I'll get some HD Pics when I can.

    Best source of Iron?

  5. Dustin's Fish Tanks

    @swiftfeet12 You know. I don't know what this is about. I have heard of people not being able to keep java moss. It is easy for me to keep, not sure. Is it in high temps? what kinda setup?

  6. Hi Dustinfishtank. my java moss has patchy browning on them. it has been growing well then suddenly this happened. did water exchange and it sort of remain. it has been about 2-3 weeks now since the browning. what would you think I could do?

  7. I had a whole bunch of them without realizing it!! It survived 3 years of abuse and neglect and at the end I washed the rock it was anchored on with tap smh and then I grabbed a bunch out and threw it away thinking it was algae…. I left the rock dry for months on end (had less than half its moss) and decided to put it out side in a slightly filled tank, barely enough to reach the top of the rock (it's ok since that's where I uprooted the moss so none was without water) and weeks later the dark moss turned light green…. It was a miracle!! I then put in in my main tank which it rightfully deserves and recovering

  8. I have trying to grow Java moss by just leaving it floating at the bottom of my tank. It does not seem to be growing real well. I dose my tank with flourish and flourish excel. Would putting it in a container at the top of my tank near the light help out? If you have the time could you offer any help or advice?

    Neil Moriarty
    One your YouTube fans

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