How to install compiler for windows and Mac user || Competitive Programming ||

How to install compiler for windows and Mac user || Competitive Programming ||

Hello guys welcome back to my YouTube channel “Hello World”. In last lecture we discussed about CP and today we will install compiler compiler is the software where we write a code and we get respective output. Basically compiler is different for different kind of operating system eg MacOS will use different compiler and so as windows users. The objective for todays video is to download a suitable compiler and learn that how to use a compiler and then we will write some codes in compilers and then we will execute. Now lets talk about windows user that which compiler is used by windows user You have wide varity of compilers for windows user. eg some of yoou are asking me that can we use Turbo c++ and stuff so i’ll suggest that avoid using Turbo C++ becouse it is outdated I’ll suggest you either DevC++ or CodeBlocks So lets download Dev C++ You just neeed to type Dev C++ download in your browser and then click on Link of Source and now it will show you suitable version of this software which can be used by your OS Now click on Download And then your downloading will start shortly after it gets downloaded you just have to click Next Next and so on and then Finish This is .exe file And .exe file is not supported by MacBook Yes, I am A Mac user. It doesn’t mean I am rich ( lol*) Now, you get something like that, Just you have to press Ok Ok and so on. I dont think that you’ll find any kind of difficulty but if there is any then you can comment down below so that we can resolve And i’m a mac user so lets talk about mac user After iinstallation you’ll get this kind of interface so then you have to click on file then new project then we will start coding. after writting a code you will get the option of compiling and run the program here here on this menu bar now lets talk about Mac users ; so in case of Mac users we have xcode ; lets check how it works ; now click on create new code project and then click on Mac Os and then Command Line Tool and then next after that we will fill these details and choose c++ and suitable folder where you want your code to be saved now we will go to main.cpp and here is the format where we will write the code I’m again saying choose your compiler wisely according to your system for example 64-bit compiler for 64 bit system and you can also use code blocks so lets se how to download codeblocks just simply write download codeblocks on your Browser and then click on this link each step is same you just need to click on download and then next next and then finish
This is not working for mac but if you are using windows then you’ll automatically get a suitable version So if we have to start writing a code then you can write here if you don’t know how to do coding so there is also another playlist on my channl about c++ as whole Or either you can learn it from other channel.Using namespace std
Int main ( ) this is just the basic structre of the code ******just a quick start guide***** just a code for loop printing a no from 1 to n ........................ now lets run this programm; here is the option to run the code so you will get an pannel showing your output and here you enter the value of n Now, put the value of n=10 as we have demanded in the code and here is the print result 0 1 2.... it starts from zero because we stats i from 0 and we took it to less than n means if n is 10 then it will be excisute till 9 only and also the questions which are given in the codechef or any other competition so they are preety highly calculative Test Case is very large , Test case means, Numerical tased in the questions to verify your code So, That They execute their code in their own servers and so for that we can also have their own ide you can check it will execute code faster as compared to our laptop
(if test case is too large) my internet connection is bit slower so please comment down below after doing code here that
your IDE is installed or not ? and also comment down below how do you think about my videos ; is there any problem, or somethoing that i can improve you can check this by your own this is not working here due to internet connection problem I THINK WE HAVE ACHIEVED TODAYS GOALS AND OBJECTIVES we will also going to do this in more detals in future so stay connected Please Like Share and subscribe to my channel If these videos are hepling you in any way so do subscribe and recommend these to your friends also. Also if you are facing any problem then do comment below and let me know THANK YOU ALL; SEE YOU IN THE NEXT ONE

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  1. My question is at the end of the video series I can solve intermediate problems of compatative programming or not??

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