How to Install JAVA and Environmental Variable path on any Operating System Explained Step By Step

hello everyone welcome to my channel kms
learn it’s fun today I’m gonna show you guys how to install Java in your
computer and also I’m gonna show you how to set up the environmental variable on
your machine and also I’m gonna change my tone I’m gonna show you guys how to
check your your Java is installed in your computer or not so to do this let’s
see how we can do it go to your browser whatever browser are you using and type
Java download and then select the Java original link which is see oh
he says Java s ear on time don’t click on it you if you click on this one you
will see only the JRE file you don’t need your file you need JDK file also
saw JDK file is the main one but this see over here is 8 that there’s the old
version but this one is new version but we’re not gonna use those we’re gonna
use the java SE development kit 9 so which is like java SE so
there’s their original site click on this one so after you click this it will
show a page like this you have to accept their license agreement click on license
and then you choose which operating system you are using right now if you
use linux then click on this download button and if you use Mac then use this
one and if you use Windows you can click on this so if you click on this you know
I’m using Windows so I’m gonna click on this and it’s gonna install in your
computer and then after you install it it’s gonna
show you just click show in a folder after you see the folder you’ve gotta
extract the file after you get like I’m gonna cancel it because I have already
installed it in my computer so after you and like extract the file where you can
find it go to your C drop and C Drive and click on it and you will see it’s
over here it’s program file if it is your 64-bit computer then it’s gonna
come here program file and you will see a folder call now actually it’s under
Program Files called Java over here see it says Jabbar then click so see over
here Java 9 is JDK 9 + j re 9 is already installed in your computer there’s my
old version JDK 1.8 I can delete it but I’m gonna leave
it is so JDK and JRE there’s the like to new version you will see like this so
after you get that means like Java you have already Java in your computer but to see that to see Java is properly
installed in your computer how you gonna know Java is installed in my computer
not to see that we had to fix the very environmental variable first the part of
the Java so first seed if you want to see the part you see the click on JDK
file 9.0 and then signal click here and select the link that’s the part you can
write it down if you want but you just select it and copy this part and well
next to where you have to go is see over here it says this PC right button on
this PC I go to the properties and after properties click on advanced system
setting and see over here there is a option it says environmental variable
set up so click on this one after it go to environmental variable set up see
over here is already a set up in my computer C Java whom the program part is
like this but if you want to add in your computer then you click on new and just
type Java home Java underscore home and the path you copied you just
paste it here and then hide okay so I’m not gonna do it again because I show you
guys how to do it just hit OK and you will see like this okay and then what
you have to do is again go to your java location and over see over here it says
like bean folder click on B and there’s you have took up bring the old bean
folder in the ops environmental path so click on build and copy this bin folder
to bean pot and then again go to your PC setting and click on properties after
you go to the properties same as advanced setting system click on
environmental variable now you have to go to the system variable before we use
like that user variable now we have to go to the system variable after you go
to the system variable you will see a option it says path click on click on
this one and you can click on edit or you can just double click on it and
after the end of the path system just put a semicolon at the end and put the
variable part in there but I have it already in my system so I don’t have to
do it so just I’m gonna delete this thing you get just to put the system on
a part in there and click OK it’s gonna create a part for you that’s it like
that’s how you put the environmental variable part and after putting the
environmental variable part and your java is gonna work properly so how we
gonna check java is working on my machine or not but to your
go to your Start menu and click like on search button and type CMD sorry CMD
then you will see a command prompt here click on from command prompt and type
Java space Java space version we are as I and hit enter see it says Java version
9.0 point 1 and that’s the environmental field is some information about Java and
64-bit in my system is giving deny the information that means Java is properly
installed in my computer there is how you can check your Java is installed in
your computer or not so I hope you guys like my video and to get the next video
how you can setup eclipse in your computer also you can setup on Java Java
jar or selenium jar I’m gonna show you I’m gonna show you guys step by step so
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