How to Install the JDK & JRE In Ubuntu (Java Programming Part 1)

Hello and welcome to cc11rocks’
tutorial on the easy way of installing the JDK and JRE in Ubuntu. I originally created this video in Windows a year and a half ago. I am redoing this for Linux because this is now what I will be doing my tutorials on I now have the ability to record in HD and my voice is no longer that of a 12 year old or thereabouts if you want to install the JDK in Windows,
go ahead and click on the following link. You must have a plain text editor installed on your computer such as Gedit or Kate for Linux or Notepad++ for Windows to program in Java or most
other languages all three of these programs are free and
include syntax highlighting and other helpful features. For example, this is Gedit. When you save it as either .java (file extension) or it depends what your programming It includes syntax
highlighting, which i will show you later. All three of these programs are free and
include syntax highlighting and other helpful features. You can manually install Java yourself by going to the official Oracle site and downloading it there, but this is somewhat a pain in the butt, and you will manually have to upgrade when there are updates. You have to set your environment variables
yourself and do all kinds of stuff that I’ve done before. After having completed this
process several times and eventually coming up with a script for it, I have found a PPA which is a
personal package archieve to do this for me. My personal favorite PPA team is webupd8 and I try to stick with them for my PPA’s because they are trusted and
their PPA’s work very well. You can go ahead and run these commands one-at-a-time in order to install the JDK seven (7) and JRE seven (7), which is the most current JDK and JRE version. Java seven (7)… This video may be out of date when you watch it, it might be Java 8 or later but this still should work as long as they keep
updating it, which they have so far. So, the first command adds the PPA to your repository. The second command grabs the links for the latest packages for your repositories, including the newly added one. The last command installs the installer. Webupd8 updates the JDK version and is automaticly updated when a
new version comes out. The installer most likely grabs the packages from the official Oracle cite and installs them, much like my homemade script; except my homemade script was kind of a piece of crap. It didn’t work all the time and stuff changes but webupd8 does all the stuff
for you and you don’t have to worry about changing your environment variables and all kinds of trash that the PPA can do for you. [Correction] What the program can do for you but you need
the PPA for it because it’s kind of a pain in the butt if you don’t use the PPA and there’s no
reason really not too. To make sure that the JDK and JRE were properly installed after you run these commands, then you need to run some other ones. Run “java -version” and this will tell you your Java version. If you don’t come up with an error, you should be okay. It should look something like will. Of course, this will look a little bit
different because you probably won’t be running the same version. And then javac… The first one test to see if you have the JRE – which is the Java Runtime Environment – which is required to run Java programs and “javac -version” tests if you have the JDK, which is Java Development Kit, which is needed to develop Java programs. But, three three commands right here will allow you to install the JDK and JRE at
the same time. I hope you enjoyed this video. Please like and favorite this video and subscribe to my video to make sure to catch my videos when they pop up. I’m currently producing videos when i
have spare time on programming and Linux and related tutorials and reviews. Just a quick note : I’m starting to put Youtube advertisements starting with this
video. I personally hate the pop-up ones at the bottom of the screen and so
i won’t enable those. I’ll only enable the ones at the start. Thanks for all you guys’ support. I recently hit a new record, if you
want to call it that, of over fifteen thousand (15,000) total video views and nineteen (19) subscribers and so I hope to create more. Again, I don’t really have a ton of time : I have work, school, and I’m dealing with a lot of stuff right now but
I should be making more in the future I really do hope you enjoyed it!

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