How To Make a Custom Minecraft Texture Pack in 1.14 – Minecraft Resource Pack for 1.14 and 1.15

How To Make a Custom Minecraft Texture Pack in 1.14 – Minecraft Resource Pack for 1.14 and 1.15

Hi I’m George Peirson and we’re going to make a Minecraft Resource Pack. Once you have that done you will then be able to edit and create graphics to put inside of Minecraft. Okay let’s get to it. [Music] Alright, let’s take a look at making a custom Resource Pack for Minecraft. Now the first thing you need to do is to make a folder on your hard drive. I have one right here, it’s just in my Minecraft folder right there, I’m calling it Minecraft Resource Pack. This is just where we’ll be storing the files and working on setting up the custom resource pack. Okay once you have a blank folder, empty folder set up, click on Play. Now, this is being demonstrated for the Java version of Minecraft, one that you play on Windows computers specifically, and there’s the installer starting. Let’s go ahead and load in Minecraft and there we go. Now the first thing you want to do here is to Click on Options and then Click on Resource Packs… This is just like if you’re going to be installing a Resource Pack. Click on Open Resource Pack Folder at this point though one change here of course is where you’d be placing your finished resource pack right inside here but up here where it says resource packs back up one step or it says dot minecraft click on that and this takes you into all of the files that run minecraft come down on the folders down here to where it says versions and open this up and in here come down and find the version that you’re using right there this is currently a 1.1 4.3 you see that we have 0.4 is coming up pretty soon down here we’re on point 3 the moment just double click on that inside there you’ll see two files a jar file and a JSON file you want to copy the jar file over to your new folder let me bring that up and we’ll make that copy there we go there’s the new folder right here and then here’s the one that we just opened up so select the jar file and then using the right Mouse just drag that over and copy here there you go okay go ahead nothing close that down for the moment so there is our jar file now this is simply a compressed folder kind of like a zip file but we need to have a utility to uncompress this to extract the files out of this jar file and for that I like to use a program called 7-zip it’s free which makes it real nice let me bring up the website for that let’s see where you can get that 7-zip program and there it is it’s at seven – zip org and I also put a link I copy this link over on to the download page for these minecraft videos and if I don’t think for that in the description let’s go ahead and download this there’s two versions 32-bit or 64-bit get the one that matches your computer download that and install that then you’re all set to go and again this is free which is the best feature I think okay once you have that installed we can click on the jar file right click and there’s 7-zip and I’m going to extract files this will put them into a folder that has the same name it’s right there you can see that so go ahead and choose ok it’s now going to extract all that stuff to see there’s the new folder right there and it’s extracting all the files that are stored inside of this jar file once this is done we’re going to pull out just the piece that we need okay there we go so here’s our contents double-click on that folder and you’re inside of this folder in here again all kinds of stuff and you can ignore all of that all you want is that folder right there now you can just drag it up here or just right-click and we’re going to be copying this I’ll do right-click copy let’s go back to our resource packs folder right-click and paste and give it a chance to copy that over reason I’m copying it and not dragging it is just in case something goes wrong the original still sitting there I haven’t tried to move it so this should make it nice and easy as soon as this is done we can then get rid of that folder and that jarrah file those are no longer needed all we care about is that assets right down there okay well go ahead and look this thing finish up and then we’ll take a look at the assets and see where everything is hiding that’s actually where all of your graphics are there we go okay now click on this top one this is your top folder if we can delete that right-click and delete there it goes and get rid of that jarrah file delete there we go okay look inside the assets and an inside of Minecraft and right here there is your textures right there open that one up there’s your pictures for your blocks there there are real small images in here let’s just back up a little bit there’s our textures again here’s your paintings they’re all right inside of here they’re pretty high resolution and they’re just displayed at the appropriate resolution for the version of Minecraft that you’re working in okay so let’s go ahead and back out to the assets again and to our resource packs that’s the first property three things in here that’s part one and again that’s where all of your graphics are so that will then allow us to do the editing and making our own look and feel for Minecraft the second thing you need in here is a special file I mean it’s bring that up over here now I have this as a download you can download this right from the material support page and again the link for that is in the description if you want to or you can just make this you actually make this using a text editor like Windows notepad me to open this one up I’ll right-click on this and it’s doing open with and notepad there we go all this is is just this little bit of text right there not a whole lot to it it just tells Minecraft what it is that this whole thing is about then this is a pack and also gives them the number right here the current number for the pack is four and this is good as of version 1.1 three and up this is the correct correct one you can also rename it if you want to normally it just says my resource pack you can change what it says here if you want to there’s no real reason to though you can go ahead and and customize that if you feel like it but that’s all there is in here now one thing about this even though I open this up in notepad notice that it doesn’t have the dot txt extension on this so it’s pack dot MC meta mata I’ll double click the show come back up again so if you are saving this just go to file save as and then give it the name without the txt it’s going to say something like this if you’re just making this code yourself it’ll have the dot txt on there there it is just delete that so it just says pack dot MC meta and then save of course the easier way is just to download that from my site and you’re all set to go the next thing you need is an image and as you can see right there it’s at 128 by 128 and it’s a PNG file this is just the icon that shows up inside of minecraft ok so have those two images or those two files rather I’ll drug goes over here there we go close that down and that’s all that you need to make your new resource pack instead right here there is that I kind of have over here on my cat 3 dot zip so there it is that’s all you need at this point now compress this back into some kind of a zip file and again when you use that 7-zip to do that click on the top one ctrl key and click on your next to s are all three selected right click on that and then where it says 7-zip up there and so I can get that just drop off there we go you want to add that to archive right there don’t do anything else down here just edit Regis’s add to archive and then give this a name I’ll call one cat for in this numbering mine right now cat for chews okay it’s then going to put those into a zip folder that’s named cat for there’s the temp folder for that and it goes again pretty quickly to do this and there we go there’s the cat for zip and that is what you need to install over here in your resource pack now of course I’m kind of assuming that we’ve already done our graphics work in here we’ll take a look at that though in the next video and I’ll show you how you do that but first let’s go ahead and get this one installed so we’re back in minecraft right now click on open resource pack folder there it is again and then just take this and copy it over here I’m going to right click and drag it over and copy there it is the cat 4 right there ok it’s close that down close that down I need to close this down and let’s go back to options again and there it is it’s now showing up over here inside of the available resource packs then you install it let’s just uninstall that one and it will install this it’s now installed over here in my selected resource packs click on done then relaunch with that resource pack click done again and then go in and play your game and that’s all there is to it to creating the custom minecraft resource pack now once that resource pack is made once you have the assets folder all set to go you then can’t work on the graphics and I’ll show you how to do that in the next video ok if you enjoyed this video make sure you hit that like button and of course share don’t forget to subscribe and if you want to learn more about graphics programs I have lots of videos on using different graphics programs mostly on Photoshop Elements and Photoshop but I also talked about GIMP a little bit my talk about CorelDraw and some other stuff take a look at my channel you’ll find a lot more videos on that channel [Music] you you

55 thoughts on “How To Make a Custom Minecraft Texture Pack in 1.14 – Minecraft Resource Pack for 1.14 and 1.15”

  1. Charles Wratten Eassie

    I followed every instruction very carefully but it is still not working, I believe it may have to do with the ONLY type of .zip file I can make which is a WinRAR Compressed ZIP File

  2. Thank you so much for making this video! It's really easy to follow along and I love how you're responding to people's questions in the comment section 🙂

  3. So the game cannot distinguish between smooth_stone and the natural stone and is using the stone texture for both, I have a custom texture for the smooth_stone but it is using normal stone instead. I'm still trying to figure out the issue and am hoping you may have some insight to this issue, and the images are in the PNG format and are named correctly. I'm assuming this is a bug of sorts.

  4. very good tuition will try it on my city of london build as trying to recreate in as much detail as i can. gramps world minecraft channel

  5. followed every step in this video, but once ive uploaded the pack to mc and clicked done and gone back to the packs menu, my resource pack does not appear. is there a reason as to why this happens and whether or not i can fix it?

  6. I have an issue.

    I wanted to edit a texture pack which is for 1.14.3 and wanted to edit some textures in it. So I copied some of an older texture pack and deleted the 1.14.3 textures of the block (eg. coal_ore.png). Now it shows up the default textures. What did I do wrong?

  7. I followed all the steps and also download the files from your website and it didn't appear in my resource pack list please tell me why 🙁

  8. This video is very helpful, but for some reason when I go into the versions my version is a "Executable Jar File" not a normal jar file. Does anyone have any info that can help?

  9. Update: if you did this exactly and it doesnt appear in the resourcepacks
    you need to change the .zip or .rar file to a carpet, that way works
    i tried to figure this out for so long, idk why that happend to me xD maybe its 1.14.4 only


  11. Thank you! Been working on this for almost 2 hours and got some wool textures done, copied them into a different folder to test it out, compressed it all together, put it in minecraft and it worked first try! Very happy, tysm.

  12. Hi!! I've been working on my resource pack and wanted to test it out but found that it wasn't working. When I put the zip file into the resourcepacks folder, it never shows up on the available packs page. I've made sure that I've included all the correct files, the mcmeta file is .mcmeta and not .txt, the png file is .png, and I have the copy of the assets folder with all of my new changes in it. I really just have no idea why it isn't working.

  13. Minecraft just announced the 1.15 Pre-Release 1 and there is an important change, the version listed in pack.mcmeta will be 5 in 1.15. So if you are using the instructions in this video you will need to edit pack.mcmeta and change the 4 to a 5 for the version for it to work with the upcoming 1.15, which by the way will be released on Dec 10

  14. If you are trying to do this on 1.14.4 then its a winRAR file, winRAR is also free.

    edit: I know a WinRar license key cost $29 as the creator of this video said, but you can use that software for free.

  15. Got a huge problem – tried to combine two texture packs but if I copy files to the other package then it appears as an error ingame. Is there something I should know ?

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