How to Make an App for Beginners (2019) – Lesson 1

How to Make an App for Beginners (2019) – Lesson 1

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  1. QOTD ⚡With the skills you're going to learn, are you going to build an app or a game? Let me know!👇 Kick start your own app with my free 7 Day App Action Plan ➡️

  2. Been looking for something that tells me step by step with out making it harder than what it needs to be or dumbing it down so much that it does not mean a thing. Thank You for you hard work you time and everything you put in to this tutorials. I don't leave comments much but I need to leave you this thank you Chris.

  3. hi just started watching you first lesson ? i have an apple mac when i go to down load Xcode from the app store it comes up with Xcode can’t be installed on “Disque dur” because OS X version 10.14.3 or later is mac is " yrs old from daryn

  4. Hey @CodeWithChris! May I ask you a question?
    Could Xcode be available for the DELL computer? I have one and I'm pretty curious if it would work for mine. But if the answer to this question is a 'NO' then I'm sure I might understand. Thanks for the video anyway! You're awesome! – Last_Day_TM
    (Sorry for the late comment…)

  5. You are AWESOME, I'm a 54 year old male trying to develop an App. Went with a developer and they were asking for 300k to get it developed, launched, and marketed…. the issue is I DON'T HAVE 300k. Thank you for your help. Now in to lesson 2

  6. I really want to make a brain training app similar to Lumosity or Peak, and I have many ideas for many different games, but maybe that's too big for my first project lol

  7. Chirs, I am so confuse right now, i want to learn python and also want to make money by making apps!
    Which ones should i choose first? And Im also a beginer with coding!

  8. so this is only for iOS? is there a way to launch the app for google playstore as well? I want to make an app for employees at my facility but not everyone has apple products.

  9. i played a game years ago on sega called "shinning force" i really want to update the graphics into a phone app game, with the same story line :).

  10. Sunil Inayat Foley and Recording/Mixing Engineer

    Hey Chris, how are you doing. You teaching is so impressive. Is there guide line for some music app like – Jiosaavn – Patari – Soundcloud – Spotify – iTunes.
    I wanna make a christian Gospel Music app…

  11. Can you make an app called Sheldon look up Sheldon the tiny dinosaur that thinks he’s a turtle and please make an app I WOULD DIE FOR IT!!!!! I can’t make an app because I don’t have a laptop 💻😢😭

  12. Great video! Just what I needed. Not sure what type of app I'll make but definitely something practical. One question though: in terms of user interface, are there ways to ensure that users won't find it slow, choppy, clunky, or otherwise just unenjoyable?

  13. Great stuff Chris! This is the first tutorial I found that has all the update to date software. Once my first simple app is complete, I'll be moving forward to create an app to help my race team record and monitor information on my race car.

  14. New subbies here. Your tutorials are straightforward to understand, and I like how clear you speak. May I know please if you also have tutorials too for Android app? Thank you. ^__^

  15. First off, love the way this tutorial is so easy to follow 👍🏼 Secondly, I want to attempt to build an app for my youth group at the church.

  16. Ohh man I was expecting to see something much easier for beginners you joking about something I’m going to learn it in minimum four years in the University you talk about so many special terms any other day in computer science will never understand what the hell you talking about I was looking for an easy way to create an application

  17. Can anybody help, I would like to make some sort of app that connects to your car but if you are driving and you turn your phone on or answer a call or text the car hazard lights and the car alarm starts going. Has anybody got any ideas on how to make this?

  18. Thanks for this video it's so useful , but my question is why everyone is obssesed with developing apps on IOS instead of Android ? And does xcode works to develope an app for Android as well or not ?

  19. Yesterday I downloaded Xcode 11.0 (11A420a) and I don’t see main.storyboard when I start a Single View App…. anyone else have this issue?

  20. Hey Chris, I’m actually building in app for my fathers business, but the real reason as I’m doing this is I’ve always wanted to try and make this like a business, make something out of it, make something extra for me and my kids, do you have anymore advice or maybe videos anything to get me to learn how to do this? I’m really motivated and dedicated in learning. Please anything helps

  21. Its cool coming into coding from a newbies perspective again – I remember messing around with html when myspace was a thing – and then it died. There was no longer a "social" reward from learning how to make your page "the shit". I can easily imagine an alternate future where myspace teaches html to the masses and becomes the facebook/wordpress we have in this reality – one that teaches and grows artists and things like that, and not a digital advertising monopoly like facebook became. *Edit I miss Mark from my topfriends… that sweet sweet typical 90's genuine dood

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