In Amsterdam – Simple Programmer European Tour 2015

In Amsterdam – Simple Programmer European Tour 2015

John: Hey, John Sonmez from
I decided to rerecord this video. I’m here in Amsterdam, but it got a little noisy on
the bridge I was standing at. If you’re watching the video you could see behind some
canals here. There’s quite a few canals. It’s a pretty interesting city so far. I
haven’t seen that much of it yet because it’s been raining quite a bit, so I haven’t
really been able to walk around. They had some kind of crazy storm with all these trees
falling out just before I got here. That’s pretty fun.
It’s been a pretty interesting trip so far. I’m not quite sure how I feel about Amsterdam
quite yet. I’ll have definitely some more opinions the next couple of weeks. I’m going
to be upping the number of episodes that I’m going to be recording while I’m traveling
here because I don’t enough queued up that I’ve recorded ahead of time so expect to
hear more of these updates. Today I thought I would do a video on a topic
that I’ve been thinking about lately as I’ve been traveling which is basically how
you live your life and essentially—it relates a little bit to travel. Let me put it this
way. I’ve noticed, talking to a lot of people who have been traveling a lot and just traveling
myself, this tendency for people to basically make a list of things that they want to do
or places that they want to go and check them off the list. They don’t really care about
being at the place or experiencing the thing, it’s more of just, “Look at me, look what
I did. I checked this off my list.” “Oh, I took a selfie here. Look at the selfie I
took in front of this famous place.” Now, I mean I’m susceptible to that to some
degree—whoa! Quite a bit of wind here. I’m going to get blown into the canal here. Anyway,
I’m susceptible to that to some degree, right? Everyone kind of is but I’m trying
to avoid doing that. I’m trying to actually—that’s why I’m staying in locations for 3 weeks
mostly instead of just going for a place like a day or 2 days, something like that where
you can’t actually experience the place. I’m getting to feel what it’s like to
live there. Even still I’m still making a list of things and checking them off and
I’m catching myself saying, “Well, am I really enjoying this experience? Am I really
being here in the moment in this experience? Or am I just going to this place or doing
this thing to say I’ve done this thing?” That brings me back to my life in general.
You’ve got to think about it. You should think about this as well. Are you living your
life in that way? In your vacation it’s easy to see when you’re just going to places
just to go to the places. In life it’s really easy to do the same thing, to be sort of checked
out, to be just doing things to be doing things without understanding why you’re doing it
anymore, what the purpose is or even experiencing the thing. I mean how many days of your life
do you waste because you go through the day and you’re just looking to get to the end,
looking to get to the destination, waiting for lunch time, waiting for the 5:00 bell
to ring so that you can go home and then going through the motions.
I find myself doing that and I have to remind myself that everything is a joy, everything
is a pleasure, everything is great, have an opportunity to do anything. Life is good.
Life itself is a wonderful thing and that’s—when I take that mindset, even the work, even the
things I don’t want to do it’s—I’m thankful for them. I think it comes back to
this attitude of gratefulness. You got to have an attitude of gratitude in order to
really get the most out of life. Anyway, just a couple of thoughts for today.
It’s just something you might want to examine in your own life and say, “Am I actually
living my life, living the experience? Or am I going through the motions? Am I making
a list of things and checking them off or am I experiencing things? Am I experiencing
life?” I recognize in the moment am I being? Am I being instead of doing? That’s a good
way to put it, am I being instead of doing. Anyway, hopefully you’ve enjoyed this video.
Like I said, I’m going to be doing a lot more of these here while I’m traveling.
I’ll have some thoughts on Amsterdam. Be ready for a video on drugs and sex. I’ll
be talking about that. I’ve got some thoughts about that as I’m here in Amsterdam what
it’s known for which is actually not really—it’s a little exaggerated, I think so.
Anyway, subscribe to the channel. If you like to hear about drugs and sex in Amsterdam,
there you go, how’s that for a hook? I’ll talk to you next time.

5 thoughts on “In Amsterdam – Simple Programmer European Tour 2015”

  1. Great stuff man. I agree, you really need to savor the enjoyment out of life and each little thing, there needs to be a purpose or a goal for doing things. Or at least acknowledge the things you do. I just stumbled upon your channel a day ago and i'm just wondering, do you create websites? Is that what you do?

  2. Wonderful thoughts. I've recently took a travel for two weeks and I was staying at places for two – three days. I've decided not to see everything I could, because it was too much. It's better to see less, but to have experience with what you saw.
     Waiting for sex&drugs video )) Where's the rock'n'roll ? Isn't that always packed together ? ))

  3. Watching your video had reminded me on the book I am reading right now 'The power of habit'. I think it's really good, that you are shifting videos even on vacation. I guess the pepole following you (at least it goes for me) are used to get your videos quite often. If you stop making videos while on vacation, this would break the habit that your customers already developed.

  4. I hope u did take a big jacket with you 😛

    Greetings from the Netherlands, i live in a place 30 mins by train from Amsterdam :)!

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