Install Java Games on Samsung D900

how to install java games in
Samsung D900 In order to install java games, you will
need “Softick PPP version 2.21” the USB driver from samsung and a utility called “Samsung java uploader” before connecting your phone with the,
cable you need to make sure your phone settings are correct go to the “Applications” menu select “Javaworld”, “options”, “network settings” in the first field, where it says APN
write internet and leave the “Login ID” and “password” empty. make sure that the proxy is disabled and
press Save now return to the main screen and
punch in: # * 5 3 6 9 6 3 # you should see a screen saying
“Serial Java, others disable” now connect your phone with your computer
using the cable Run “Softick PPP” as Administrator Locate the “softick” icon on the taskbar
and right-click it from the menu that pops up, select Settings go to the “Bluetooth/Serial” tab and make
sure your device is checked Click OK to close the dialog again right-click on the “softick” icon on
the taskbar and select “Activate PPP” If at any time, a message pops up
saying “unable to locate required library” just click cancel that file is only required for palm
devices in your phone’s main screen punch in
# * 5 7 3 7 4 2 5 # you should now see a secret menu go to the “PPP up” item and select “usb” run the utility “Samsung Java Uploader” should windows firewall pop up
click allow java games consist of two files a “jar” file containing the actual
game and a “jad” file containing some
meta-information There is a software called “JAD MAKER” which
can create the “jad” file, given the “jar” click “Add” on “Samsung java uploader”
and browse for the “jad” file The “jar” should be in the same
directory as well from the secret menu select
“Serial download” A screen showing the progress of the
upload should appear if the upload doesn’t start in 5 seconds
something went wrong repeat the process again and make sure
you have followed all the steps when you are done punch
# * 5 3 6 9 6 1 # to restore the original settings

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