Intro to Java programming, Unit 1: Java platform overview

My name is Steve Perry, and in this video
I’ll show you how to navigate the Java API documentation, also known as the javadoc,
so you can get the most out of the Java Development Kit, or JDK. To access the JDK 8 javadoc, go to this link: (CAPTION: By default, your browser should load the “Frames”
version of the javadoc so that it looks like this, but if it doesn’t, no worries. Just click on “Frames” and your browser will
render the javadoc in three distinct panels, or frames as you see here. You can toggle between Frames and No Frames
as you like. For this Video – and in my own development
practice – I’ll leave Frames turned on, and I recommend you do the same. With Frames turned on, there are a total of
three visible frames: * Packages
* Package Contents * Details Let’s look at these one at-a-time. In the top-left panel is the Packages frame. It shows all of the packages that are contained
within the JDK API documentation such as: *
* java.lang *
java.time * java.util And so forth. If you click on a package in the Packages
frame, you see the contents of that package appear in the lower-left panel, known as the
Classes frame, and in the following order: * Interfaces
* Classes * Enumerations, or Enums
* Exceptions * Errors
* Annotations Not all packages contain every one of these,
and if not, they will simply not be present, but they will always be present in this order. If you click on one of the items in the Classes
frame, more details about that item appear in the Detail frame. For example, if I click on the java.util package,
then the List interface, I see lots of details about the List interface. The information in the Detail panel is rich,
and way too much to cover in a short video like this one, so let’s just hit the high
points. First, you can see that there is a description
of the item, in this case the List interface. This is followed by a summary of the methods. If you click on a method, it takes you to
detailed information about that method. For example, if we click the get method, we
see this information: As you write more Java language programs you
will find yourself referring to the javadoc again and again. As that happens, you can explore some of the
other features of the javadoc, like the title bar where you can see these headings: * OVERVIEW
* PACKAGE * CLASS And so forth. I hope you enjoyed this quick look at some
of the features of the JDK API documentation. Thanks for watching!

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