Introducing the Docs API!

Introducing the Docs API!

18 thoughts on “Introducing the Docs API!”

  1. And make sure you write a good Privacy Policy that is accessible from your "app homepage" (although you don't have one), and submit to Google for verification — Ya, sorry, G Suite is not your "app homepage" although you're directly accessing your API app from G Suite. Bookmark your API app on your web browser? Noooooooooooooo……………. your web browser is NOT your "app homepage" with no link to your Privacy Policy!!!

  2. Wonderful! Please give us noobs a tutorial! I would really appreciate taking advantage of my G Suite account 🙋🏻💕🍰

  3. I keep imagining the presenter mixed with a heavy hip hop tune … her hand movements are on point for that … turn her voice down and put on

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