Introduction – Intro to Java Programming

Introduction – Intro to Java Programming

>>Hi, I’m Cay.>>I’m Sara.>>We’ll be the instructors for this course. The way most people interact with their computer is in the same way that I just did with my Word Processor. There were a lot of buttons, but if there isn’t a button for what I want to do then I’m stuck.>>However, there’s a secret language that you can use to make your computer do whatever you want it to do.>>In this course, we teach you that secret language. When you learn it, you will have power over your computer.>>We’ll get you started with the Java programming environment, and you’ll write your first programs.>>You might make a few mistakes. That’s okay. Actually, it’s good, because you learn from your mistakes.>>We’re really excited to teach you the secret language, so that you can make the computer do what you want it to do. Let’s get started.

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  1. Anubhav Kumar Sippy

    Hi Learners,
    If anyone of you is confused like videos uploaded is lesser then what it's showing…so, first just play 198th video, then scroll your mouse to check out next videos, thus you can move to 677th or you can directly search your required topics.

  2. Distributed Financial

    Cay and Sara! Truly amazing video series. It's incredible how many courses online that are supposedly for beginners assume that we should know concepts they are talking about. Thanks for breaking down these concepts and for your passion to help others learn. I just completed the first lesson and am confident I will complete the series due to your beginner friendly courses. Thank you!! Hope you are both well!

  3. عاشق الشارقة

    Professor Cay and Miss Sara you are two BRILLIANT Instructors, i learned a lot from both of you, thank you so much. Keep it UP!

  4. Hi I started this some time ago and have just gone back to it. I can't now find this specific course, the course on the link seems to be different course leaders. Is there an archive for this? Thanks.

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