Introduction To C Programming Part 1

welcome to my introduction to c
programming on computer this door to show you a bit of that para
computer works behind the scenes you know that in computer you have memory which is usually done is ram there’s also ROM really bios which is a set of basic instructions that can get a computer up
and running and performs self test on the hard way
out of a into the rams going to be working this
c mainly and you also have a C P U which is a central processing unit which
is a device that can carry out instructions on data that’s in RAM and can also control the movement of data and keep track of where the program is up to this could be a hard disk drive might have a monitor uh… keyboard and all the stuff is IO and all of these things are connected onto what’s called the system buss now that means that something to be put onto the bus and if something is ready to receive it
will be sent down to that system. it’s it’s almost just like a network with instead of
having different computers, you have different pieces of hardware. pieces of hardware on the network or buss so this is a bus now the CPU what we newswoman program to carry out
pale instructions it can only understand ones and zeros which is binary cali’s instructions can pass a computer
casa sleepy utube do certain things like you might want to
add two numbers together there in memory only more onto head two numbers together that occur in the
spring the cps condemn recall registers and um… usually we don’t have to worry about where
payout dot restored that just know that the safety you uses registers whenever ten has and they’re not to acquit kazan watson memory in memory there is program dara sings that we want to work on like
numbers and is also program code which is a series of these instructions so they are in memory somewhere as well so
everything is in memory and everything has an address satires every single these controlled by the sleepy u but it’ll hit all result in memory
somewhere so for now just just terms think of it as home would everything takes place
where all the information is in there to know what his memory families just series of electronic storage locations why we can see memory is he uses it big list of addresses nemo andre yves billions of these and they’ve all that
their interests now as i said there are a instructions
for the safety of so in love instructions or instructions that address zero one to went down he might have some da da which is and that’s leave adress one thousand sales in amman contestant two and his daughter in ties three locations that realistically
looking at many more now instructions are siam estados if you
looked at memory and you can see all the ones in zeros in all the different
dresses that would overlook like a series of one’s in zeros there’s
nothing special about instructions hold daughter it’s there’s nothing to tell
you did what is in memory is a certain thing so the alley differences when these things get sent to you now than instructions gets into the city to you to be processed those instructions might tell the sleepy
to get something from the memory location so this this more than struction and it might tell us a preview together to them location one thousand and put that whatever numbers there which split
modesty something like that in register has to be a registered big enough to
hold one point which is you need you can use paint digits going
to get him on board you’ll find is this monday evening register one ninety important so what’s happened is this instructions sleepy who knows where it
up where took two and programs could i say special register keeps track of which instructions are
carry out it’ll start going through the instructions in the program
analyst side justices the instruction pointer quite a hillside rodman zero and that means a computer six-year-old
kept instruction from here which happen to the list this
number and i told her to go get dot a from one thousand of clinton to register one and i want to be we did especially help program runs and
other instructions a concise a go back to once you get to hear this instruction
might say just wait and see if you go back to memory location zero so that the program will pick killing around and around let’s go live basically workings in memory and there’s also a reconstructions in memory and this is nothing like say so used to
do that background as to why we would you say
instead of doing things with numbers like this as you say you’d have to look at the child that tells you what isn’t what these
numbers do to the sleepy incubate how to remember panel from the spin some people might be
able to what we’re going to be doing is putting
daughter into memory and then we can do stuff was it we want to using directly with abusing machine
instructions like this quiz pleasing seems that we understand english now another thing to remember is that some toda is he’s done needs more than one memory location for example in city program we have
what’s called integers in mathematics heritages in c later called int and i take up four bytes how much time computers you’ll be
looking at theresa dot of these four bullets long
so you’d start if you had so as part of your interviews have been
relocation one fails and who would go to the relocation on sales
and three pennant that’d be looking to get in those four locations and all you need to worry that was the stunning address so that’s a very true lou the rule background vocals and it’s been best now too and look at the same program with me and
we’ll get back to this position introduction and fleeting you can see that it’s fairly simple just
to summarize billions of locations will have their
own unique address and what stored in that memory he’s ones and zeros bond remembers federated they have an equivalent came
decimal is not important to have to worry about what these numbers are and the computer will say to you will proceed certain devices within a day tell to read
instructions from memory and the instructions carried out by the sleepy u and i though you can make it perform operations on darla can they can
add to the to die together and we can move doctor hanan memory like for instance to
take this into june and stored down yet at location one million or
something like that we can so that’s basically what we’re doing is putting things into memory at certain addresses and also getting sleepy u you to do certain things plus any

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