Java 9 – Installazione del JDK e configurazione Eclipse

Java 9 – Installazione del JDK e configurazione Eclipse

By Chiccodb00 Hi, I’m Chiccodb00 in this video I will teach you how to install Java 9 and how to configure Eclipse. If you want to know more about Java 9, click on the upper right corner! Before starting, I want to point out that when this video was recorded the JDK installation is available only on 64 bit Windows. For downloading Java 9, we search on Google “jdk 9 download” and select the link that is titled “Java SE Development Kit 9 – Downloads – Oracle” we accept the license terms by clicking on “Accept License Agreement” and then we click on “jdk-9_windows-x64_bin.exe” and wait until the end of the download. When the download is finished, we execute the file we just downloaded if we are asked to “allow the application to apply the changes on the system” we confirm and in the next window we click on the “Next>” button at the right bottom then again “Next>” and wait for the installation files to be decompressed. Once decompression is complete it should show us a screen that asks us to enter the Java installation folder we click on “Next” and wait for the end of the installation in the last screen we click on “Close”. Next we download a “Portable” version of Eclipse so that if it has been previously installed we wouldn’t have compatibility issues with projects written for earlier versions of Java. To download it visit and alongside the entry “Eclipse IDE for Java Developers” click on 64 bits, click on “Download” we wait him to be downloaded and we extract Eclipse. The procedure I am about to describe you only works with Eclipse Oxygen if it will be changed I will leave the updated video at the top right corner. We start Eclipse, as usual we select the workspace I recommend using a new one to avoid creating possible damages to existing projects, once opened we go on the top menu called “Help” and we select “Install New Software…” in the window that appears compile the field at the right of “Work with: “ with and then we press enter. After chasing, we deselect the check that says “Group items by category” in the list select “Eclipse SDK” and click on the bottom right button “Next>”, wait a few seconds and select the option that starts with “Update my installation…” on the top and click on “Next>” still on “Next>”, in this window click on “I accept the terms of the license agreement” and then “Finish”, now we await the end of the upgrade to the new Eclipse in my case it took about 15 minutes however, you can always view the current status clicking on the bottom right button next to the progress bar. Once the upgrade process is done, you will be shown a message asking you to restart Eclipse restart by clicking on “Restart Now”. During the restart of Eclipse we will notice that the startup screen is slightly different, this means that the update has been successful! After restarting let’s create a test project to do so click on the left side of the window with the right mouse button from the drop-down menu select “New” and “Java Project” on Project Name we write “TestJava9” and under the JRE section in the drop-down menu on the right of “Use an execution environment JRE:” select “JavaSE-9” While editing the video, I realized I didn’t say you must also set the folder to install the JDK however, the instructions are on the screen Finally, click on “Finish” at the bottom right. We select the project and we create a main method sowe click on the src folder, right click, “New”, “Class” in “Name” we write “main” and put the check on “public static void main(String[] args)” Within the main method we write the following command: System.out.println(System.getProperty(“java.version”)); that will print the current version of Java, so “9”. If the video helped you understand the subject, leave a like otherwise leave a dislike Anyway, you can always comment to help me improve future videos.

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  1. This was one hell of a tutorial, it was quick and straight-forward. I was trying to install eclipse for about an hour before I saw this, thanks! By the way, at the end, I don't see the Console thing so I had to make a class and name it whatever, then compile it to a .class file and execute it from command prompt. How do I make that Console tab show up?

  2. SnowPower18 // Simone Ferrandini

    dopo aver provato ad avviare eclipse mi esce un messaggio come questo "The Eclipsec executable launcher was unable to locate its companion shared library" e non mi apre eclipse come posso fare???
    Grazie in anticipo

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