Java EE 8 Quick Start | Adam Bien

Java EE 8 Quick Start | Adam Bien

It’s time for another 2 Minute Tech Tip! Hello, my name is Adam Bien and today I would like to show you the easiest way to create a Java EE 8 project. I have here the Apache NetBeans, and I would like to create a project from archetype. I am searching for an archetype with the name “Java 8 essentials archetype,” and I’m using the latest version which is zero zero two. And then let’s say the name is “enjoy.” And finish. So it will now create the archetype from scratch. This comprises the pom.xml with single
dependency to Java 8, as well as a shell script which invokes Maven and Docker, and a Docker file which uses Glassfish v5, which is the reference implementation of Java EE 8. To launch that I would just switch to “enjoy,” make the script executable, build and run, and then run the script. And now it runs the Maven build, then builds a Docker image. And now we have the application “com.airhacks/enjoy” We can go to the browser, and now the Glassfish v5 is running, and the resource name is “pink” and it works! So thank you for watching, and bye! Was that a good tip? “It is good!” We want your opinion! Thanks for watching and stay tuned!

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  1. I'm so sad that Java developers didn't switch to Gradle instead of Maven.

    However, two minutes are too short to show anything worth listening.

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