Java PDF Library Products and Components by Qoppa Software

welcome to our video introduction of
Qoppa Software’s Java PDF developer products We are a software company located in Atlanta, Georgia specializing in PDF and Java for the last ten years. We deliver reliable PDF code for you
to integrate within your applications and web apps. Our software is all based on our own
technology requiring no additional downloads or licenses to deploy. In two thousand two Gerald Holmann was looking for a
reliable, easy to integrate PDF components. Not finding what he wanted, Gerald
founded Qoppa Software to develop this PDF technology and offer it to other
Java programmers. After all, Java is platform independent,
and the “P” in PDF stands for portable so Java PDF technology will insure
true portability on any platform – Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac and now Android. The products that Qoppa delivers include
Java class libraries, Java visual components with a
powerful user interface, Android Java PDF SDK. Qoppa’s products allow you to integrate
PDF capabilities into any Java application – on the server side, on the
client-side, on the web, or in mobile apps. The international PDF format is
extensive, with over thirteen hundred pages of specifications. Qoppa offers a suite of twelve PDF
libraries to cover every PDF process, so you can find a library for the function you need. To quickly introduce you to our
libraries: jPDFAssemble to combine merge or
split PDF documents jPDFFields to work with interactive
PDF forms. jPDFImages to convert images into
PDF and PDF to images. jPDFPrint to print PDF documents. jPDFSecure to encrypt PDF documents and sign them
digitally. jPDFText to extract the text from PDF documents. jPDFWriter to generate PDF
documents. Each library up to now is focused on one
type of function jPDFProcess, the “Do it all” library,
provides the functionality found in all of them. jWordConvert to convert Microsoft Word
documents to PDF jPDFViewer is a GUI component
to display PDF documents. For those who need more than viewing
in a GUI component jPDFNotes to annotate documents and fill interactive
forms. qPDF Toolkit is our Android Java SDK The “Do it all” PDF library for Android Why choose Qoppa’s PDF library products? our products provide the most
comprehensive support of the PDF format including all types of fonts, images and sophisticated rendering features. We also deliver all the advanced PDF capabilities mentioned previously. Our development team provides highly
technical support and REAL answers FAST to any questions you have. You will have no surprises when it comes
time to license. We offer a clear and affordable license. Our technology is developed in-house by
our team of full-time developers and we have strict quality control. Our products are one hundred percent
Java so you will not have issues with stability or portability. With our products you will be able to
integrate PDF functionality quickly, saving time and resources. We’re PDF experts and we stand behind
our products! We’re sometimes asked were allowed to do
PDF. Yes we are! The PDF format was developed by Adobe
but has always been an open format. Now the format has become an
international standard. Qoppa’s code produces documents which
are fully compliant with the PDF format and enforce all permission set on
documents. Qoppa Software libraries and components unleash the power of PDF for you – Java developers in all industries. We hope you will trust Qoppa for all your
PDF needs! Please visit our website for more
details, code samples, live demos, and to download
evaluation copies. We look forward to working with you!

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