Karen Navarra: How a Fitbit Solved Her Murder

Karen Navarra: How a Fitbit Solved Her Murder

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just that: theories. They are not fact and they shouldn’t be taken as such. Any
theories and opinions discussed in this video do not represent the views of
myself, law enforcement or anybody else involved in this case unless otherwise
stated. As per usual, my sources for this video can be found in the description
box down below. A lot of information in this case actually comes from an article
on Wired.com which has been adequately sourced and is actually backed up by
lots of local newspapers. This article was written by Lauren Smiley for their
October edition and it provided me with a lot of insight into this case and was
really useful in piecing everything together and the whole timeline together.
So, massive credits go to Lauren Smiley and that article again you can find that source linked in the description box down below. And all that being said, let’s
delve right into this case. [Transcribed by Joshua Miles] [I should really put some pictures on those bits of paper] Karen Navarra, who was often known as
Cookie to her family and friends, was born on the 7th of October 1950 in
California. She was born to her parents Adele Navarra and Dominic Navarra who all
lived on a ranch in Warner Heights. We don’t know all too much about Karen’s
childhood or her growing up but we do know that her father Dominic did own a
pharmacy. And it was in this pharmacy that Karen grew up. She often spent a
lot of time in the pharmacy hanging around with her dad and other members
of staff in the pharmacy, picking up on everything it takes to run a pharmacy.
She quickly began to take prescription requests from customers as soon as she
was old enough to do so and, under the watchful eye of her father, she trained
in everything to do with becoming a pharmacy tech. Karen actually then
went on to study science at a local university, I believe the San Jose
University, before going on to become a pharmacy tech at a local hospital. I’m
unsure whether Karen specialized in this science degree whether it was
biology, medical sciences, or whether back then it was simply just called science – I
was unable to determine. Karen loved working as a pharmacy tech so much that
even by the age of 67 she was still working in a pharmacy as a pharmacy tech.
In fact, she was working in the same local hospital that she had started
working in post-university. Sadly, Karen’s father Dominic passed away in 1996. Closely followed by Karen’s Grandmother and as a result of her Grandmother’s passing Karen actually inherited her Grandmother’s house. Her Grandmother’s house was located in San Jose so it was
a really good location for Karen. According to Wired.com, Karen lived on
her own in San Jose but she did share her house with two cats who she deemed
to be just as important as a family. California state census data shows
that the majority of those aged 65 and older in the state live with their spouse, however, it also shows that 36% of women and 20% of men
over the age of 65 currently live alone. S further 2% of those over the
age of 65 in California actually live in nursing homes, and the senior population
in California is booming with more and more elderly people being left to live
alone becoming isolated and becoming quite lonely. This all means that Karen’s
situation, living alone, wasn’t an uncommon one. Thankfully, Karen did share her house with her two beloved cats who she treated just as closely as family.
She also wasn’t completely alone and she did have family that lived in the
surrounding areas, however, they didn’t come over that often to visit but they
would phone her all the time to catch up. Despite living alone, Karen led a very outgoing lifestyle. She was always happy and cheerful working as a pharmacy tech at the local hospital and was, according to some sources, always friendly and welcoming to everyone she met and came across. Karen, working in a
hospital, was also quite health-conscious and she wanted to be sure to keep fit so
she actually went out and bought a Fitbit so that she could track her
health. If you don’t know what a Fitbit is, according to Wikipedia, Fitbit
products are activity trackers, wireless enabled wearable technology devices that
measure data such as the number of steps walked, heart rate, quality of sleep, steps climbed, and other personal metrics involved in fitness. This device allows a user to accurately track their activity and is very popular with millions and
millions of people across the planet owning one of
their devices. According to her mother, Karen lived a very busy life often going
between work and home which meant that she didn’t have a lot of time for any
romantic relationships. In fact, she hadn’t actually had a romantic
relationship for a very long time. Karen, though, didn’t seem to be too
bothered by the lack of romantic relationship in her life. She seemed
entirely satisfied living by herself with her cats. She seemed content living
with her cats and content with the garden that she tended to. That was until Saturday the 8th of September 2018. It was on this Saturday that Karen’s
stepfather Tony, who was 90 years old, would bring over some biscotti and pizza
on a surprise visit. This visit would be the last time that anybody would see
Karen alive ever again. When Karen didn’t show up for work
that following Monday on the 10th of September, Karen’s co-workers grew quite concerned as it was completely out of Karen’s
nature to not show up without good reason. Their concern quickly grew into
sheer worry as Karen failed to show up on Tuesday, and then when she didn’t show
up again for a third time on the Wednesday, her co-workers went to the
police and requested a welfare check to be carried out on Karen and her home.
But, this welfare check wasn’t actually carried out until the next day on
Thursday the 13th of September and this is when the police went to Karen’s home
to check on her and when they went into the home the responding officers were
confronted with a scene that would give them nightmares to this day. Karen was found seated at a chair at her dining room table. She had sustained major
impact wounds to her skull and also had two slits going across her throat. Karen
was found holding an eight-inch kitchen knife in her right hand.
It seemed initially to the investigating officers that Karen had
actually committed suicide. The investigating officers quickly noticed
that there was a lack of blood splatter which would have been present if she had
cut her own throat. This lack of blood splatter means that Karen’s throat had
been slit postmortem after she had died. Further, a medical examiner actually
determined that the wounds that she had sustained could not have been
self-inflicted. She wouldn’t have been strong enough to inflict the head injury
wounds on herself, and I believe that some of them came from an angle which
would have been impossible for her to do to herself.
The investigators quickly turned to Karen’s home into a crime scene and began to scour the house for
any further signs of a homicide. They discovered that in this apparent staged
suicide there were actually signs of a struggle with chairs being pushed over
at the dining room table and kitchen drawers being pulled out of their units
and things just all messed up but the strange thing about this was: nothing had
been taken. all of Karen’s jewellery, her electronics, and even her money just
stayed sat on the counter. Nothing had been stolen from the house.
It seemed as if it couldn’t have been a robbery gone wrong and that it was
almost as if this too had been staged along with the apparent suicide.
The police were at a complete loss as to who might be responsible so they decided to
go talk to Karen’s mother and stepfather and it was when they spoke to Karen’s
stepfather, Tony, that they realized that he would likely have been the last
person to have seen Karen alive on that Saturday. When the investigators asked
Tony what exactly happened that Saturday when he last saw her, Tony told
investigators that he had simply popped by giving her some biscotti and some
pizza, chatted for about 15 minutes before leaving again. Apparently their
conversation was fairly uneventful. However, Tony pointed out that Karen did mention that she was meeting up with either ‘friends’ or ‘a friend’ later on that day.
Tony couldn’t pinpoint or remember exactly whether she had said ‘friends’ or
‘a friend’. Bare in mind Tony was 90 years old.
Tony explained that he had taken over the Italian food because he knew just how
much Karen enjoyed Italian cuisine and that Tony was in fact himself Italian
so he had made it himself. Tony had lived in Sicily when he had
been a toddler but he was actually born in Chicago in 1928. But when Tony was a
teenager, he moved back to the US from Sicily in Italy due to speculation of
being drafted into the Army if he stayed in Italy. Now what’s interesting about
this conversation that Tony had with the investigating officers is that he
actually presented them with a lead in this case. According to Tony, a few hours
after he had dropped off the food at Karen’s house, he had been honked at by a
car that looks similar to Karen’s as it passed by their house. Importantly to
note, Tony claimed to have seen a passenger
sat in the passenger seat of Karen’s car but he can give any description of this
person at all. This lead was the first major lead in this case and the
investigators were quick to chase up this lead and find anything to support
Tony’s claims – maybe the person that Karen had a planned to meet up with later
had been this mystery person that was sat in the passenger seats or maybe this
mystery person had sinister intentions or could even give the police a more of
an insight of where Karen went that Saturday. The police began to retrieve
CCTV footage from houses along any routes that Karen could have taken from
her house and past her mother and stepfathers house. Now, unfortunately, as
the crime rates in the area they were living in at the time were quite low,
almost every house along the route didn’t have CCTV surveillance cameras or
only had cameras pointing away from the road into their houses – like a camera on
a doorstep pointing at the door so you can see the person. It
didn’t really show the road. They managed to recover footage from just one camera,
however, and when they looked at the footage from that Saturday afternoon it
didn’t show any car matching the description of Karen’s car travelling
along the road. Karen might have taken a different route
or maybe this CCTV footage wasn’t accurate in its timings.
The investigation had seemingly come to a dead end. They decided to go back to square one: the crime scene. Most notably, they wanted to go back and analyze
Karen’s remains in more detail. The investigators began to go through the
autopsy reports and when they did go through them they discovered that Karen
had actually been found wearing a Fitbit on her left wrist – a Fitbit Alta HR.
Data from this device was quickly extracted from it with the help of
people from the Fitbit company. It was determined that Karen had a fairly
regular heartbeat during the day and she took an average amount of steps that
somebody of her age and her occupation would take on a average Sunday.
But that was until 3:13 p.m. it was at this time that the Fitbit didn’t log any more
steps and it’s believed that it was at this time at 3:13 p.m. that Karen had
sat down at the dinner table. The data from the Fitbit then showed Karen’s
heartbeat dramatically accelerate at 3:20 p.m. followed by a massive drop. The
Fitbit data then detected a slow and weak heartbeat until 3:28 p.m.
where unfortunately the heart rate monitor in the Fitbit detected that
Karen had flatlined and her heart had stopped. Further to being able to track
heartbeats, Fitbit’s are able to track activity and are able to use their GPS
to accurately track this activity. The investigating officers wanted to
determine whether Karen had been moved post-mortem.
This was because the crime scene had been staged so it was possible that
Karen had been placed in the chair at the dining room table post-mortem, after she had been killed. Perhaps being killed elsewhere. They thought that it could be likely that this ‘friend’ that Karen was meeting up with
who Tony had seen in her car with her that afternoon, could have killed her or
being involved in killing her elsewhere outside of the house and then brought
her back and set up this staged suicide. But, the data from the Fitbit shows that
Karen didn’t move at all she didn’t leave the house when she got to that one
spot which was at the dining room table she didn’t move again until the medical
examiner’s moved her to take her remains to the morgue. This concretely it told
investigators that Karen had been killed in the same chair at the dining room
table that she had been found in. She had seemingly been murdered while eating her lunch. It is important to note that forensics teams actually found pizza
crumbs around her feet. In fact, I believe they actually also found a slice of
pizza at her feet too. The police then made a second breakthrough in this case.
They had received camera footage from the Ring doorbell of a neighbor’s house.
According to the manufacturer’s website, a Ring video doorbell allows you to get
instant alerts when your doorbell is rung allowing you to view who’s at the
door via its camera and speak with them from anywhere in the world.
The ring video doorbell can also be used as CCTV surveillance. The ring video doorbell can
also be used as CCTV surveillance as it features a motion sensors that activates
the video recording features. This video doorbell along with the Fitbit
provided very important data and pinnacle data to the investigating
officers in this case. Footage from the doorbell depicted a Toyota pull into
Karen’s driveway at 3:12 p.m. The doorbell camera was then activated by a passing car at 3:33 p.m. showed that the Toyota was still parked on Karen’s
driveway. This event, the Toyota still being parked in Karen’s
driveway, occurred five minutes after the data from the Fitbit showed that Karen’s
heartbeat had stopped. The next images from the doorbell camera showed that at 3:35
p.m. the Toyota had left. It was no longer parked in the driveway.
Sadly, the video quality of the doorbell camera was not good enough to be able to
distinguish any valuable details from the Toyota despite the fact that it was
a Toyota. It wasn’t high enough quality to be able to determine who the driver
was or if anyone was sat in the car seat. After all this doorbell camera was designed to show you video footage of someone close up to it so it probably
didn’t have a good focus on things going on in the background.
In fact, the doorbell camera wasn’t even just across the street from Karen’s
house it was more like at a corner if that makes sense that and it and you
could see Karen’s driveway from this corner. That all made it a lot more
difficult for the investigating officers to find any distinguishing data from the
surveillance footage. The investigators quickly realized that
they had actually spoken to somebody who owned a car that matched the description
of the Toyota seen on the doorbell camera footage, and not only that this
person had also told the police that they had gone to Karen’s house that
Saturday afternoon, they had taken her biscotti and pizza.
That person was Tony – her stepfather. Tony was arrested on the 25th of
September 2018 on murder charges and was brought into the police station to
undergo interrogation. When presented with the data evidence taken from the
Fitbit and the doorbell camera, Tony claimed that the data must be unreliable and that there must be some kind of glitch on both devices or something to that effect.
He maintained that he was innocent. He said that Karen was still alive when he
left her home. The interrogation went on for hours upon hours with the
interrogating officers using a wide range of different techniques to try and
extract information from Tony. During these interrogations, simultaneously to them, the police searched Tony’s house and during their searches
they actually found that he owned the same a brand of knives as the knife
that had been used to slit Karen’s throat – the one that was found in her
right hand. Tony explained this away saying that he had been a butcher at one
point and that they were family so it was normal for families to share these
kind of possessions with one another kind of like hand-me-downs that kind of
thing. The searches of Tony’s house also uncovered traces of blood in some shirts
in Tony’s dirty laundry hamper. Tony explained this away to is saying that
it’s probably his own blood – he must have nicked himself or something like that.
Further in the police forensic searches they actually found traces of blood in
the sinks all over the house and they found a blood splatter on the sleeve of
a jacket belonging to Tony – a camouflage jacket. All seized items were taken and
sent off for DNA testing to see whether the blood or DNA on the items were
Karen’s and whether they match Karen’s or not. Tony’s family were quick to begin
hiring a good strong defense team and started building a defense in
preparation for trial. The defense team had Tony take a polygraph test which he
actually passed. But, if you’ve been on my channel for a long time, you’ll know just
how inaccurate polygraph tests are. There’s a reason they’re inadmissible
in a court of law. They are not reliable and they shouldn’t be used to prove
someone’s innocent or innocence or guilt otherwise it’d be used all the time.
Interestingly, in the defense, a cigarette was actually recovered from
Karen’s kitchen and when that cigarette was tested for any DNA it actually
returned several markers for an Asian man. It’s important to note that neither
Karen or Tony smoked cigarettes, however, the prosecution was quick to point out
that there had not been a blood splatter on the cigarette and the cigarette was
placed on top of a blood splatter which could indicate that the cigarette was
placed there in a kind of staging attempt to try and stage or frame
somebody else or move the blame to somebody else.
Or, you know, the person who did this might have killed Karen and then had a
smoke and just tossed the cigarette after the crime into the kitchen.
That’s when the DNA test results came back from the laboratory for the blood found on
Tony’s jacket and by this point it really wasn’t looking good for Tony. The
results confirmed that’s the blood on the sleeve of the jackets was in fact
Karen’s. This was concrete admissible DNA evidence that would play a very
important role in the prosecution of this case. The data from the Fitbit and
the Ring video doorbell has the potential for inaccuracies and glitches.
According to some sources, an independent experiment was carried out on a number
of Fitbit devices alongside a medical grade heartrate monitor to determine the
accuracy of fitbit’s heart rate tracker. On average the Fitbit was off by an
average of 15.5 beats per minute which is quite a considerable amount. The
same experiment was actually carried out by Fitbit themselves and they determined
that their devices were highly accurate and of course this experiment was funded
by Fitbit. Fitbit wants to sell more devices, they’re not about to fund an
experiments that could look bad on their devices or hurt their sales. It’s just
another case of being sure to look at to the funding body is of a experiment. The
accuracy of a wrist activity tracker device such as the Fitbit relies a lot
on the positioning of the device on the wrist, how tightly you wear the device, on
your own composition. These inaccuracies in the Fitbit devices could see the data
be made inadmissible in court during the trial that’s why the results of the DNA
evidence on Tony’s jackets being Karen’s blood was such a pinnacle piece of
evidence in this case. It was concrete. It was almost impossible to argue against
and, after all, a jury if they see that there’s blood on the on Tony’s
jacket they’re going to be quite quick to believe 100% that Tony had been the person that had done it. The defense came up with a rather
interesting theory as to why there was blood on Tony’s jacket.
According to the defence, Karen had already been injured or hurt by the
attacker when Tony pulled up to the house and
when Tony had knocked on the door, Karen and Tony hugged. Tony gave Karen
the biscotti and pizza and Karen went back inside. That was the defence’s theory. It was in this hug that blood transferred from Karen onto Tony’s jacket. The defence goes on to say that it had been very likely that
the killer had murdered Karen shortly after Tony left. As we can expect, the
defence also attacked the inaccuracies in the Fitbit data. Although for us to be
able to accept this theory put forward by the defense, we would have to presume
that the attacker midway through an attack would have heard this knock-on
the door and let Karen go and answer the door and not only did Karen answer the
door, she answered the door very happily and warmly. She gave no indication
that anything was the matter. If she had been cut then she would be in pain.
Something that’s very difficult for somebody to conceal. She would
potentially have been able to communicate through her eyes – just the
way someone looks. She would be probably very pale. She may be shaking, she may try
to escape or something like that. It would also mean that Tony would have had
to somehow miss the fact that Karen was bleeding. For that blood to have
transferred it would have been likely obvious that she was bleeding so somehow
Tony would have had to talk to Karen for 15 minutes and hug her and
everything and not notice anything was wrong which is a bit strange to me – that
doesn’t add up. The prosecution claims that Tony presented Karen with a plate
of pizza at the dining room table and following that he bludgeoned her to
death. It is also important to note that a few months prior to Karen’s death,
Karen had actually phoned up her mother Adele, Tony’s wife, and told her that she
had seen a man watching her from across the street. When Karen’s neighbors were
questioned, they told the investigating officers that they had heard screaming
that sounded like somone saying “No! Get off of me!” and “Let me go!”
They had heard that at around the same time the Karen was murdered.
However, despite hearing these screams neither neighbors reported anything to
the police. They didn’t call the authorities.
This case that the prosecution built against Tony it seems pretty solid and
pretty indestructible but there’s one thing that was missing a motive why it
was a 90 year old stepfather who was described by his family and his friends
has been really warm and loving out of the blue without warning and without
seemingly any reason murder his stepdaughter we will sadly never find a
resolution in this case Tony had been awaiting trial for over a
year before he was taken to the local hospital on the 22nd of August 2019 due
to deteriorating health on the 10th of September 2019 at 6:12 p.m. Tony was
pronounced dead after succumbing to a pre-existing medical conditions he was
aged 91 eight years old throughout the entire time that Tony had been
incarcerated his wife Adele stood by him completely
Adele being Karen’s biological mother Tony and Adele insist that Tony was
completely innocent and they insisted that up until the day that Tony died an
Adele still insists that to this day and that the investigating officers had got
the wrong man and they were they were looking in the wrong places I couldn’t
actually determine whether the investigating officers had followed up
on other claims that Karen had seen somebody watching her in the months
prior to her death Tony actually suffered from a number of short-term
memory issues which was a fax that was used by both the defense and prosecution
when they were building their cases perhaps Tony did commit the murder but
then simply forgot about it how would a 90 year old man commit such
a brutal murder however how would that same a 90 year old man who
had alleged short-term memory issues then post the murder after such a
massive exertion of energy then be able to stage a suicide and then also stage a
second crime scene of a attempted robbery gone wrong
the by like you know pushing the chairs over and pulled in the kitchen drawers
hours and then planting a cigarette in the kitchen that doesn’t quite add up
either to me this case is one of those cases that
leaves me absolutely heartbroken for the family Adelle Karen’s mother has not
only lost in a brutal fashion her daughter she has also lost her husband
Karen’s death actually came and not too long after Karen’s brother Stephen had
died in a motorcycle accident so Adele had also lost all of her
children and both of her husband’s my heart really goes out to Adele in this
case I mean really hope that some justice is found and investigating
officers are able to locate or figure out who is responsible I’d be really
really interested in knowing what you think about this case so be sure to
leave a comment down below it lets me know your thoughts and theories remember
though to remain absolutely respectful in the comments and that’s everything
that I have for you in today’s case again I’d like to take this opportunity
to thank Lauren smiley from wired.com for the amazing article she wrote about
this case as that really was a great backbone to creating this video I’ve
left all my sources that I’ve used in this case in the description box down
below so you can go to your own independent research if you love shukran
podcasts then be sure to check out my to crime podcast that I have with
curiosity’s Molly Westbrook and curtsies Skye it’s called crime time and he
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now the time has come gotta let go the past now is time to move it’s

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