Kelly Quizzes The Audience On Teenage Slang | The Kelly Clarkson Show

Kelly Quizzes The Audience On Teenage Slang | The Kelly Clarkson Show

– Before we get to the rest of the show, I want to talk to you guys
about a high school teacher who I’m obsessed with. One, I just love teachers. My mama was a teacher, and they just, it’s such a giving job. You’re underpaid, it’s just a really, really awesome vocation. When you see teachers, please hug them. They need a hug. Kids can be mean. (audience laughs) Trust me, I have four. (audience laughs) Wine. They’re really sweet
sometimes, but anyway, he found a way to relate to students, and I thought it was amazing. James Callahan is a sociology teacher. You may not know his name, but you’ve probably seen his
spreadsheet on the internet. It’s a list of all the slang
words his students use, along with their definitions. Here’s the best part. I have a teenager who says words, I don’t know what they
mean, like all the time. She said a word and my
sister and I were like, what? And she was like, that means tired. And I’m like, just say you’re tired. (audience laughs) What’s wrong with the word tired? I don’t understand, but anyway, Mr. Callahan was cool enough to come and be in our audience today. Come on, stand up, Mr. Callahan. (audience cheering) – Thank you. – Yeah, thank you so much for
being in our audience today. Why did you make that list? – I’ve always been
interested in teenage slang, so I’ve heard so much
over the last 15 years. I told myself that I really
have to start writing this down, because the language
changes from year to year. – New fake words arrive, yeah. (audience laughs)
– And I wanted to have some kind of resource so that I could better
understand my students, better understand how they
communicate with each other, better understand how
they communicate with me, and so, 15 years later, I finally sat down and
started compiling the list. – So what’s your favorite one? – I think my all-time favorite is snack. Do you know snack? – I do know snack. – [James] Okay. – I’ve seen many a snack.
– See– (audience laughs) Snack, to me, is a small amount of food that one would eat between meals. – Yeah, that’s a person who reads books about magazines, yes. – Right, right, but to the Generation Z, a snack is a person who is
attractive or looks good. – Like myself. – Yes, of course. (audience cheering) – Since Mr. Callahan has
picked up so many slang words over the years, I thought it would be fun to quiz the audience. So let’s see if you
guys can correctly guess what the words mean, but
this is gonna be a pop quiz. You’re welcome. So as the camera lands on you, you have to answer or you have to leave, okay? (audience laughs) I’m just kidding. I just want you to play. (audience laughs) All right, you ready? (audience cheering) All right, go! (drum roll)
(audience applauds) All right, yes! Okay, what’s your name? – Katrina Williams. – [Kelly] Katrina Williams,
are you ready to play? – I am ready to play. – [Kelly] All right, all right. Katrina? – Yes. – What about wig snatched? Have you ever heard that one? – Oh, that means your hair is tore up. (audience laughs) – Oh, my God, I love you! Is that right, Mr. Callahan? Oh, no, I don’t think so. – Well, no, not right, unfortunately. (buzzer sounds) – All right, girl, you got it wrong. Wait, what does it mean? – According to Gen Z, wig snatched is having your mind blown, or experiencing an impressive feat. – [Kelly] Oh. – Got my wig snatched, my mind was blown. – It might be pretty impressive how bad the hair looked, though, so– (audience laughs) – [James] That’s true,
that’s true, that’s true. – The flock of seagulls,
a little nice, yeah. All right, well, you lost, okay. (audience applauds) I’m just kidding. I get competitive. All right, who’s next? (drum roll)
Who wants to play? All right, all right. What’s your name? – Hi, my name is Megan Lunphy. – Okay, your slang
phrase is secure the bag. What do you think secure the bag means? – Get the money. – Yeah, it kind of sounds like a drug cartel’s a part of this. (audience laughs) Yeah, it does sound interesting. Okay, Mr. Callahan, is that right? – That is correct.
– Get the money! (bell dings)
(audience applauds) I feel like we should have
a prize if you get it right, but it’s the first season, so we have a really little budget. (audience laughs)
So you get a round of applause! (audience applauds) Thank y’all for playing, and Mr. Callahan, thank you so much for
being here, and seriously, thank you for being a teacher. (audience applauds)
I really appreciate it.

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  1. Watching Kelly really does feel like watching a best friend. Except she’s a best friend that can sing like no other. And can now talk like a teen. Love her❤️

  2. I love Kelly so much her voice is best singer living . I have no words to express about her she is just amazing… I love you Kelly from Nagaland (Indian)

  3. just because she is a singer does not mean she can carry a talk show! and why don't somebody tell that fat blonde to go on a goddamn diet?!!!!!!!

  4. uhhh? cause Mom…..
    tiers are somthing you put on a car…
    and if i think tiers then i think Flat….
    Why do you think Flat when you hear the word tired?
    Because thats what You always say after Hours of hunting me down to fix my flat…..
    Your Tired…
    I just thought you were trying to be funny…
    Ok so? what is wrong with the word tired?
    its like a deflated tiers…..

    Eeewww mom Flat and deflated?
    Now thats not sexy!
    i cant tell the Guy im crushing on that im Flat and deflated….

    plus Autocorrect will change it to Fat and dated or something….

  5. This show makes me feel like when I was 8 yrs old running home from school so I wouldn't miss my favorite show The Brady Bunch. Every time I have a half day of work I have to run home so I don't miss this show. It makes me happy.

  6. "I feel like we should have a prize for getting it right, but it's a first season so we only have a lil budget! So you get a round of a applause!"

    I love her 😂

  7. Let’s Spill Some Tea

    Mr James Callahan's wife is my orchestra teacher and legit I chocked on my water seeing the title and her in the background.

  8. Kelly, you are an amazing person in my mind. You have remained such a warm, down to earth person throughout your rise to fame and successful career as a recording artist. Love, love, love you ❤️

  9. I wish it had been longer!!! My personal fave is “I’m dead”. English is not my first language so I think those expressions are so funny!

  10. Malalasoa Claire RASOAMBOLOLOMANANA

    So stylish💗💖💕 .. These outfits are available hereee : ** **

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