KOREAN GAME PROGRAMMERS [Sunny Side Up || Voxellers]

KOREAN GAME PROGRAMMERS [Sunny Side Up || Voxellers]

Hello my dear Lovers of Asia wizads, whitches, magles, siths, jedi and other friends today i will tell you about Busan Game Center Yes, Guys, not everything going on just in Seoul you must to know that something, and pretty big, going on in Busan too and if you like the game, or you wanna make some of the games then you will like to know about this place Guys, this place literally have a lot of programs for you Insdet of doing it it at home with your friends and arguing parents you just came here guys and become a greates make of some unbelievable game like some of this guys I’m Jo KyengRae from Sunny Side Up team I was like to play games I love to play and play a lot at gamecenters but in 4-5 last years i haven’t seen an interesting game I thought that if they make something alike that it will be interesting – but it is not coming up there was just not interesting one so I ask myself ” maybe i will make interesting and want to play a game?” So we get start to make it making games what do you think about this place (BGC)? Before i get here i rent an office for my own money but we haven’t get profit back then so we move to my house it was extremely non comfortable and then I get knew that here I can borrow office and inside of this center there is other project creat teams before we were just with my team till the evening (just 2 of us) and we started together and still just 2 of us doing that, but but here they give office for work for free, and we can see other team we can communicat with other a lot it is very nice i think My team is Vosellers and I’m KangYunSeok before I become and a game creator I was gammer I super in love with a game so we do have som expiriance so we have something what we like too so we was wanted to make something together that experience we want to share it with others by showing our project I was make that picture in my head that maked by me (and friends) game – I will show to others and they like it, love it so much and even will be clapping coz they like it so much I very hoping to see that to attract our age ppl, show them our power, our game inspiration there so we start to make a game can it be the answer we make that project with my friends we loved game from the childhood so we were trying to be ready seans middle school but there is a lot of problems the problem of enrolling for Colledge there so we must stick to the learing and staff so ” it is not the time for making” right’ we must study – hard study time then we get to the college and while study we must to work right so, we look at that and see that there can be more profit something for us but as men of Korea, we must go to the army and after we get back, we must to find our future job place we look at that and think – is it our dreams – I think not if we go back in the future will we not regret about it maybe we should try something els? so, after 1-2studying year we take academic time I’m still a student so we take academic in college and start it here in Busan but we do start it in the house of Busan friend (they all from Busan) we start from making APP and staff like that but then we knew about that place a nice posebilety that you can try to enrol and have FREE to use a place for make progects so we enroll for that – thanks to good we get in! And now we work here yes, literally Busan Game Center helping you Guys who interesting in making games, or those who wanna be a part of the company who made the games, or in some other ways and also they help thouse who love the games let they be just lovers of future pro-gammers and I was soo lucky to show it all to you guys that I’m proud of my self give me a second yeah, that is kind of proudy part !ow yeah~ they give me some stuff ..aa I have a bag put that back i will show it in the next video no no put the bag back I still don’t know what is inside of this bag but this id Busan Game Center (BGC) who trying to help thouse who have a pig dreams and be a greates game creator of all of the world yes, yoy can be a part of it and yes, they take foreigner too don’t be shy, try to cam here try to make your world of games came true ^^ I literly love games well, you know. I’m geek I love a lot of things and if you still didn’t know that theyn you don’t subscribe on me and that is a bad bad part no no no no guy’s you must to subscribe on me right now click the botton and of coz follow me at all my social media and if you wanna see more inside of here then just write me a comment downbelow like, share, subscribe push the bell too and see you next time bye bye i’m super lucky I know but i have my bottle drink some water ho? thank you you make a hard work right – if you need something just tell ok thank you i have water

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  1. 김베라Ким Вера

    Моя любовь Пусан!❤️ Я жила около города Пусана, но не знала, что там есть Гейм Центр. Интересно😊

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