Learn Java Game Programming – Java Game Dev #1

Learn Java Game Programming – Java Game Dev #1

Welcome to DevFactor! today this episode is going to be about our next serious which would be a
tutorial on programming games using the Java programming language and
no external libraries this tutorial series is aimed at people
who already know the fundamentals of programming and already know how to write software
in Java but have not written a game in Java should be ideal for anyone who’s
fresh out of the University that teaches their curriculum using the
Java programming language series was inspired by a post I put on
reddit a few days ago asking if anyone would be interested in
a Java game development tutorial series the
post on reddit guy like 450 up votes no surprise by the
amount of people that were interested in the content so I’ve opted to make it
into an official tutorial series on my channel here’s a Google Drive document I made
with a marked up version of the curriculum this could potentially change as things
progress by trying to cut as much fat from the
curriculum as possible I want to focus on the aspects up the
Java programming language but are valuable to use in game
development and I want to you sidestep all the other materials other
tutorials frequently go over first such as the
basics of programming the basic survival P and so on so if you look at this curriculum
that I have in my Google Talk you notice that episode number one is
introductory materials well welcome to episode number one here
covering the basics what you need to know in order to
progress on throughout the series we’re going to
talk a little bit about what’s gonna happen next so it’s important to know that this is a
game development course focusing around game
development in Java this is not an introductory programming
course so there are some prerequisite materials you have to have a solid grasp
both in order to complete this project and
I’m going to flash those up on the screen in a moment and talk about where you can go to learn
more if you need to catch up a little bit so starting from the top in order to
succeed in this course you’re going to need a very introductory
knowledge have conditional programming in Java
this is a fancy way of saying if else statements and switch statements need to know how
to make it clear to do something base on a condition next you’re going to
need to know about entered its programming iterative
programming is programming via the usergroups such as the do well for and while loops
in Java we will not be using any workers have
programming in this particular tutorial series and
in general you want to shy away from a cursor programs because they’d take up a lot more memory
on the stack next time you’re going to have to have a
basic understanding of object oriented programming in Java in fact this is probably the most
important prerequisite material you gonna want to know a lot about
interfaces classes abstract classes an inheritance
generally speaking game programming uses object-oriented
programming technique significantly more than many
other industries this is because in game programming
frequently remodel our characters using objects
which have their own fields and their own methods or actions to act on those
fields programming a game without the use of
object-oriented programming techniques would require us to do a lot of code
reuse next of your gonna wanna have a basic understanding have common data structures when I say
common data structures I mean lists stacks maps the Java API provides its own
implementation evolve these so you don’t have to worry about how
their coded you just have to have a high enough understanding of how they work in order
to work with them with the provided commands finally you need a basic understanding
algebra he shouldn’t need to know too much but
you should make sure that you know how to map coordinates on a 2d cordon plane the math behind 2d
games isn’t generally that tensive sophia is your strong point I
won’t worry about it too much as long as you’ve got the basics down in
the next video will start a design concept for the game you want to build
throughout this tutorial series if you’re interested in learning more
about java game development or you’d like to track too serious
please make sure to subscribe and leave any questions or comments you
have and thanks for watching

10 thoughts on “Learn Java Game Programming – Java Game Dev #1”

  1. Great to see you receiving and taking into consideration advice on the series such as not going over Java fundamentals. I will be following along with the series definitely.

    I met most of the prerequisites you listed in this intro, but I haven't learnt about stacks nor maps before. Will we need prior knowledge of Java GUI design and implementation or will that be discusses in the series?

    Good luck with the series and hope you have many more aspiring game programmers join in.

  2. @Kha Nguyen,

    Here are some links I've found helpful and had bookmarked:
    Stacks: http://introcs.cs.princeton.edu/java/43stack/
    Maps: http://examples.javacodegeeks.com/java-basics/java-map-example/

    It might help to think of a stack as a Pez Dispenser, and a Map as a Phone book (name -> number).


  3. Hey, didn't realize you started making these tutorials.  Nice, gonna start following them now.  Thank you for taking my advice/plead!  (/u/iDrogulus, here.)

  4. I thought java wasn't for game development?!?!? thats why i learned c#, now only to realize there is no good tutorial on 3D game development for c#…

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