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[voice1] You should read a book. [voice2] You have to buy a program. [voice3] You need to visit school. [voice4] You can’t do it. That’s true, but not how they think it is. Starostwo Tji My name is Alexander Richter and welcome to TD Monday Every Monday we discuss topics about VFX, Animation and Games So today’s topic is:
How to learn scripting and programming. Let’s play the intro! [awesome intro] So when it comes to learning a new skill I ask myself one simple question and that is: Why? Why do I want to learn this skill? And I think there are two reasons for that: Reason Nr. 1:
You want to step up your status, have a better job Position have more money, have a better social integration. Reason Nr. 2:
You want to have an easier life You want to create an app or a software
to make it easier for you to be creative, to be productive to have a one-button solution Which is a great thing, I think. So they’re both, right! [1 & 2] The WHY is also important
because it defines the how The biggest mistake I personally made when I started learning scripting is I started somewhere and I ended up somewhere So I’ve tried to start at the beginning
tried to learn all the basics
before I’ve even done anything story time When I wanted to apply to media computer science. I was thinking I like media I don’t like informatics The reasonable way I did it:
I went to the library took a book open it up and started to read. After like 10 or 20 pages.
I was thinking: I get the basic concept but I don’t get why I need to learn this so I took another book and another book and another book and after like two months and dozens of books.
I was like Okay. Now I get it a little bit and now I know why it’s fun But it was very devastating
because I started at the beginning and the beginning is always this kind of introduction
the very basic concept of hexadecimal, bits and bytes And it’s very tedious and very boring And you don’t have this practical achievement where you start something, and you instantly oh, this is cool This is fun.
This makes me like … like this makes me motivated to do another page It took me about two months until I could say … I did get the basic concept now and also like the feeling of achievement Why did it take so long to learn the basics of programming for me? that’s because I didn’t define my WHY
and I didn’t learn to achieve my goals I just we’re learning because
“you have to learn the basics to do that” Don’t do that! Especially in the beginningIt’s very important to define goals for yourself Because you don’t need scripting at the moment
you already are working. you’re already living,
and you already are productive in your daily life That’s why you need to find a way to Integrate it
and to understand why it would be beneficial for you
and your work to have it as part of your life So take something out of your daily life
out of your daily work Try to make something you can achieve in a day or two and then start to look up for that. You say something okay.
I want to create this Nuke node I want to create this small save script and now you open up Google
you open up books and then search for the specific topics you want
or you need to achieve this small app this small script By this way you will after some days You will have something. You will have something that it really helps you in your daily life, and it makes like wow it’s like I made this and this way there’s like a natural way of of evolving
a natural way of learning scripting a natural way of learning programming and of course you won’t be the Pro Python scripter
or programmer at all after the small projects because you will miss some basics probably
but in the end you will achieve your goals And it will be much better
and much more enhancing for you Compared to anyone who says:
“Do it the right way!” and then they start at the basics
and after some weeks They still just know something about Hexadecimal and classes,
but they didn’t really make something or at least they didn’t made it from themselves they just made some examples And they don’t feel like the fun and the enjoyment of creating something with scripting with programming And I think the right way is not always the best way Try to find the best way for YOU In resume:
Pick a small project from your daily life. Ask yourself “Why do want to do that?” and then figure out the HOW by asking yourself: “What would I need to achieve this app, software, script?” Whatever you want to do and then just do it? Let me know in the comments below
what your first scripting project was and tune in every thursday for Scripting for Artists where I show you how to script in languages like Python, like JavaScript in software packages like Maya, Nuke and so on Like and Subscribe if you’d like to subscribe
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