make a jnlp (java web start) file for oracle forms application

in this video I’m going to explain how
to create JNLP file to run the Oracle forms application it can be used
in Linux Mac Windows in any type of operating systems where we can insert
the JRE now before we start we need to make sure that the
application works without any error or exception and the way to do that is to
go to in here in control panel my open Java here and then advanced show
the console now when I run the application in
Internet Explorer I need to reach in the console
here as you can see there is no error or exception now if you got any exception
then you need to fix it before creating a jnlp now I will create the text
file and change the extension to jnlp
edit and then I need to cover this content from the YouTube clip URL paste and then I I have some parameters
which I need to replace the first one is the link and port and then I have the config also I need to replace it in here and then I have the login FMX file
which is the first file in the application and then I have here the
logo I don’t have local so I will remove it no problem it will work that’s all save and then I run the jnlp as you can see I got here an error I
need to fix it if I open the text file I would see here question I will remove
it no problem then I will run the jnlp filed with me without any problem you see here the console also there is
no exception thank you for watch

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