Maze Intro: Programming with Blocks (Course C-F)

Maze Intro: Programming with Blocks (Course C-F)

Today we’re going to learn to program
using a drag-and-drop language called Blockly. Blockly uses colorful
instructions called blocks to build programs, that you can use to solve
puzzles. Under the hood, you’re still creating code. Each puzzle you’ll solve
with the code is split into four main parts. On the left is the play area, where
your program will run. In the center, you’ll see the toolbox area that holds
all the blocks that you will need for each puzzle. To the right is your
workspace, where you will drag blocks to build your program. Finally, above the
workspace, you will see the specific instructions for each puzzle. Don’t worry
if you accidentally drag out a block that you don’t need. If you have an extra
block, simply drag it back into the toolbox to put it away. After you hit run
you can always hit the reset button to get your character back to the start so
you can try again! Subtitles by the community

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  1. Black kids please use this opportunity to learn to code. Visit the link in the description. #IUIC #ThoughtCrimez

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