Mean Bean Java Monster Energy Drink Review

Ohhhh do I have a show for you today.
It’s time for Food Snot. I’m Tom Cote and I am the Food Snot.
You know what I love about coffee? Absolutely everything! Yeah I’m kind of a coffee fanatic. If I had to choose
between coffee and oxygen – I would choose oxygen but then
after I chose the oxygen… I’d go make myself a coffee. What?? What’s the oxygen going to do? Smack me??? OUCH! The reason I am here today is
because I will be reviewing Monsters Mean Bean Java Monster. It’s a coffee energy drink. but first for some history Monster started making energy drinks way
back in the late eighteen hundreds, and by the mid
nineteen forties… every living man, woman, and child were
consuming 14 to 16 Monster drinks per day but the strange thing is their energy
was still running low so Monster said let’s add some coffee to
these energy drinks and we’ll have these peasants climbing
up and down the walls and ceilings begging for mercy – but did they beg
for mercy? No they actually begged for donuts …
and that leads us up to the present I think I just made all of that up! okay so let’s give this stuff a try. okay so it has a coffee taste to it…
but it’s super sweet – it’s actually –
it’s too sweet it taste like melted coffee ice cream.
it’s a very mild wimpy coffee taste and again way too
sweet but let me try it again… Nah .. this ain’t working for me.
This stuff is all sugar and no flavor. I don’t
recommend it. If you want a Monster buy this one! It’s my favorite and I drink it
almost daily but if you want a coffee? Drink this .. but
don’t drink this stuff. There is nothing mean about this bean! don’t mix energy drinks with coffee flavor.
That’s just stupid. Look, if I’m gonna drink anything with a
coffee taste, I want it to taste real good and give be endless boosts of
energy I want to do a five minute mile in three
minutes I wanna out run a llama. I want that
coffee to turn me into an aging – bald – superhero!! And if it doesn’t
do that get it away from me. So Java Monster .. get
away from me OK? okay thanks for watching .. until next
time I am the Food Snot signing off but first I want you to remember something –
the moral to this story if you are ever in need of energy and flavor
and the only thing nearby is a Monster Java you are in deep deep trouble … that wasn’t
really a moral but don’t get me started. So long. Hey I hope you enjoy these videos. Please thumb it up and leave a comment telling me what you’d like me to review next and also subscribe to my channel and if you want email notifications letting you know whenever I do videos like this just go to my website
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