Mistakes Coders Make as Inexperienced Programmers

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want to become an amazing coder, and you have to ask yourself, what is the
limiting factor? What is keeping you from becoming great? The limiting factor is
time. The more time you spend actually coding and reading about code, the better
you will become. The speed of which you improve is how well you use your time. Even if you don’t use your time very well, the more time you spend coding and
reading about code, the better you will become. If you want to become a great
coder, you can’t just spend 20 minutes here, 40 minutes there….You have to spend
hours of time coding, and this is the one factor that a lot of people can’t do! If
you have a regular job and you have weekends, you should spend one of your
weekend days completely coding, just like it’s another job. If you already have a
nine-to-five job, chances are you spend eight hours a day at work. If you want to
become a coder, you need to spend eight hours of your personal time coding. Now,
this can be just like a real job. You can have breaks and lunch breaks etc, but you
have to spend a chunk of eight hours a day. When I wanted to make an Xbox 360
game years and years ago, I spend all of my personal time learning to code and
making the project. There was a lot of mistakes I made along the way, and
because of those mistakes and because of the time that I was putting into it, it
actually came out as a project, and my career skyrocketed as a result! So, time
is the limiting factor. Another factor is focus. The more focused you are at your
task, the better you will become. This isn’t just about coding. If you can focus–and that is doing nothing but the task at hand–focus is in short supply. The
reason is is that distractions are at an all-time high! If you can focus and spend time coding for a few days, you will be a
lot better off than people who do coding maybe for 20 minutes, 40 minutes or even
an hour. It’s a sustained time that will make you a great coder! Now, everybody has
trouble focusing, including myself. If you’re having
trouble focusing just like me and everybody else, this is normal because
distractions again are at an all-time high. Every kind of social media site or
game is designed to keep you in that particular platform as long as possible,
so the best thing you can do is shut off your social media altogether, and
whenever you go visit the app or the site, you want to ask yourself, “Is this is
not helping me in my career so I should get off of it now I have actually done
this and I’ve seen a significant improvement I’ve turned off my Facebook
and I only use the social media for maybe 30 minutes at the end of the day
to check my messages now not all social media sites are designed equally I think
reddit is probably one of the better social media sites but even I have is
spending less time in reddit and more time developing so if you’re going into
a deep dive with coding and you really want to focus you can also turn your
phone into airplane mode and if you’re a real pro you can turn your phone into
grayscale grayscale will make the phone completely unappealing by putting your
phone in airplane mode you’ll be able to focus at the task at hand in fact the
only time I am using my phone in these deep dive focused coding sessions is to
put on a timer now what I like to do is I like to tie my Sprint’s into 20 30 or
40 minutes after 40 minutes unless I’m really in the zone I’m not going to be
as productive and usually at the 20 30 or 40 minute mark I take a small break
this is getting a cup of another cup of coffee or it’s getting some water taking
the five minute break every so often is actually really good for you but if you
can stretch your focus into 40 minutes or an hour plus of complete focus then
you’re gonna really become a great coder again you don’t want to be distracted
when you’re trying to learn the code or if you are
a coder you need to make sure that you’re not distracted all together one
thing I like to do is if I’m doing some really hardcore creative coding work I
don’t listen to music the only time I listen to music when I’m coding is what
I have to do repetitive work now even the best programmers have some
repetitive work to do and if you have a lot of repetitive work then you can
listen to music but 90% of the time when I’m coding I don’t listen to music at
all it can get boring but you want to be a hundred percent focused think about it
this way would you rather spend eight hours listening to music and being
distracted or just two hours of complete focus coding isn’t that a nine-to-five
job it’s creative and productive chances are you’ve had an hourly job where
you’ve work 9:00 to 5:00 you have to break out of this mindset and be task
and project oriented this is the way coders work it can be very hard to break
out of this mindset it took me years but the best way you can do it is to spend
as much personal time coding and as much of that coding time be as focused as
possible now once you go through these steps that I’ve laid out in this video
you’ll find that you’ll get more work done in less time and you’ll also find
that you’ll become more productive in your peers now if you can get eight
hours of work done in two you can spend the rest of the day reflecting and if
you’ve watched the videos here on Perot tech you’ll know that reflecting on your
next project or your next coding session will make you a better coder from the
outside it might look like you are being lazy and you’re going for a cup of
coffee maybe reading something but in reality you are reflecting on your day’s
work or on your project and you’ll become a better coder as a result
personally I like to work really hard and then take time off this is what has
worked for me it doesn’t work for everyone but if you make two hours of
time really focused and really productive and spend the rest of the
time reflecting on it I think that’s the best way forward so in conclusion if you
want to become a really good coder or improve your coding you need to spend
large chunks of time with focused work it’s the focused work that will make you
a better coder alright so that concludes the video thanks for listening and
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