Why is it that a sizable amount of people are so quick to jump to the most controversial, baseless, and wrong understanding of a subject just because it might get them more attention? While this isn’t always the case in every manner of speaking, when it comes to the concept of “Mojang is killing Minecraft Java” it certainly seems that way right now! I actually can’t believe I’m making a video like this again! But I have a lot of things to share and a lot of proof to show. Before I get into this though, this is NOT a discussion about whether or not I think any given update is good or bad. That’s another topic for another time. Today’s video is specifically about debunking the recent rumors that “Mojang is killing off Minecraft Java in favor of the cross-compatible phone, tablet, and Windows 10 Editions” so without any further ado let’s get right into it. So why am I making this video right now? Because of the new Better Together Update that I covered in a recent video. In a nutshell, the Java Edition of Minecraft is getting a slight title change to Minecraft Java Edition. This has led to a frightening amount of people that believe that Microsoft or Mojang is killing off or reducing development of the Java Edition of Minecraft and in a strange, twisted, baseless, thoughtless, research-less point of view this might make some sense. If you’re only willing to give the subject 14 seconds of actual thought before spewing out your garbage point of view, that has no merit for the sake of fear-mongering your audience into some kind of panic then, yeah, that’s what people might wind up thinking. But I have some news for all of you: Mojang is expanding the development of Minecraft Java Edition! And here’s something that I’m going to offer you: actual proof. Multiple sources confirming what I’m saying; as I was making this video I tweeted out that, given the sources I found, anyone who thought that Mojang or Microsoft was killing the Java Edition was wrong. And what happened? Aubrey Norris- who works on Minecraft- tweeted this to me. But, do you need more proof? In a reply to that reply, she confirmed that the Java Edition has more devs than ever! Now, why would it have more devs than ever, if Microsoft or Mojang were planning on killing off that version of the game? It doesn’t make any sense. Here’s another source: in a Time Magazine interview with Jeb, the lead developer of Minecraft, he said, “I also feel that sometimes when we add new features to the Java Edition, I wouldn’t say that we ignore the other editions, but we obviously do it for the Java Edition first.” And when we put it on the other platforms, we sometimes need to rethink and design how it works.” What Jeb is saying here is that new editions are designed for Java Edition first, then reworked for other editions of the game. Need more proof than that? Here’s a very recent blog post on stating that Mojang will continue to support the original PC game. They didn’t write that passage into the blog post to lie to their player base. It’s there, because it’s the truth! So how could I have found all of this proof that Mojang isn’t stopping the development of Minecraft Java, “when maybe they really are” according to the community? Oh wait- it’s because they’re NOT stopping development of Minecraft Java! Like I said before, this video is not a discussion about your or my opinion about whether any given update is good or bad, or anybody’s opinion about the state of the game. For example, did you hate the PVP and EULA updates from the past? Well, cool. That’s a perfectly valid discussion for another time and wasn’t the subject of this video. Today, I wanted to prove that Mojang is not only continuing the development of Minecraft Java, they’re expanding upon it. Unless Mojang specifically announces otherwise, anyone who tells you that it’s being killed off is blatantly wrong! So, yeah. That just about does it for me for now. If you enjoyed this video or found the information useful, then feel free to leave a like on it before you head off, because it would really help out myself, the channel and the video quite a lot. But anyways guys, I hope you all enjoyed. My name is AntVenom, and I bid you all farewell. Thanks so much for watching.

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