MUSD Computer Science Immersion Schools

[music] It’s unbelievable that kindergartners
are using coding! Students WANT to be at school everyday because
they are excited to be using computer science and learning how to program and code. One of the things that I love about it is
just watching the excitement on my daughter and also all the kids here in the school. The interaction that they have with the computer
coding. So it’s very, very exciting to watch them
develop and start learning all these new things with computer technology. One of the things that is really important
about computer science is that it’s a field that’s going to be wide open in the next five
or six years. I mean, we’re one of the highest technology
countries in the world and yet we’re going to have a million jobs open, unfilled, by
2020. And by thinking of that, and knowing that
information, we made a decision last spring to move forward with a partnership with Code
to the Future so that we could teach our students in an immersion program, coding, robotics,
java … writing java, and through this it’s just a computer science immersion program. Coding is fun and I get excited doing it! When I accomplish really hard coding. Computer science is very important for our
students. It gives them skills that they will use beyond
high school, they could even start a job upon graduating. It’s realllly fun because just the idea of
placing bricks around and making your little character do things … Not only are the kids
excited about what they are learning , but so is the staff, the parents … it’s just
infectious when you’re there. And seeing what the students are accomplishing
and how their futures will be different because of what they’re learning today. [music]

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