My First Inventor Plug-in: Introduction to Programming

My First Inventor Plug-in: Transcript for
Promo Video Hello. I am Wayne Brill and I support the
Autodesk Developer Network. I want to introduce you to what “My First
Revit Plug-in” training is all about. “My First Revit Plug-in” is a self-paced training
in which Inventor super user with little to no computer programming experience can learn
how to extend Inventor through the Inventor API. This training will help you get started
programming quickly and successfully by walking you through developing your very first Inventor
plug-in with a simple step by step approach. We then go on to learn the underlying principles
of computer programming and gain an understanding of using the Inventor API.
This training helps you build your first Plug-in without swamping you with details. You’ll
have your first working Plug-in within an hour and a production ready version within
a few hours. Your first Inventor Plug-in will be an application
that will allow you to take components in an assemble to create groups of components,
that you can hide or show with the click of the button. In this very first lesson you
will create this basic plug-in with minimal code.
As the lessons progress, you will flesh out your first plug-in with additional code increasing
its power and flexibility. At the end of the tutorial, you’ll have a production ready Plug-in
that will extend the functionality of Inventor. Please let us how the development of your
first Plug-in goes. If you are struggling and need help or had quick success, we would
love to hear from you.

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