NOAA Weather Radio (WR120EZ) Programming Instructions for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Hello. My name is Mike Helms. I will be helping you program your new
Midland WR-120EZ model weather radio. First, you will want to make sure you put in
the batteries. This model radio requires three AA batteries. The batteries go in the back with the sliding panel. This radio can also be plugged into the
wall with the power cord The power cord goes in the jack labeled “Power” on the top of the radio Remember it is important to keep
batteries in the radio even if the radio is plugged in. During severe weather, the power can go out and without fresh batteries in the radio you will not get your warnings. The radio does not have a power button.
It’s always on as long as it has power. To make sure your radio is on and has power, check to make sure the
display screen is not blank. Now that your radio has power, you can
begin programming it. The first thing you want to do is make
sure your radio is set to receive warning alerts. To do this, you’ll want to find the switch on the right side that says, “weather radio”. Make sure this is set to “On” Now you will need to program the radio
for your appropriate radio transmitter. You will need to know the radio
frequency for your area as well as the county location of
residence. Once you have your county location and
transmitter frequency information, you are ready to program the radio. This will be done in two parts. First, press the menu button and then press the up or down arrow until the display says, “SET CHANNEL” Then press “Select” This display will show a frequency in megahertz. Using the up and down arrow buttons, adjust the frequency up or down to match the frequency for
your county’s transmitter When finished, press “Select” and then “menu” The display should show, “SAVING” and will
save the frequency into the radios memory. Next, we will program your radio’s county
location. The location is important because it tells
the radio which warnings to alert you for. The location will consist the state in
county name. You can program multiple counties into
your radio if you would like, or just one. There are three options for
this model radio. Single. Multiple. or Any. If you choose single, you will enter only one county. If you
choose multiple, you can program as many as 25 different
counties into your radio. If you choose “Any” the radio will alert you for all warnings that come across your
radio transmitter. We will show you how to program a single
county into the radio First, press “Menu” Then use the up or down arrows until
the display says, “SET LOCATION” then press, “SELECT” Using the up and down arrows enter the
state your county is in. For example, “Tennessee” then scroll to the
county you wish to select. For example, “Davidson” Then press “Select” again and then “Menu” Once this is done, your radio will be
programmed to receive all warnings for your county on the
correct transmitter. If you would like to program multiple
counties, follow the steps again, but make sure to select “Multiple” after
the “SET LOCATION” screen. The radio will allow you to enter up to 25 counties. To do this, simply use the up or down arrows when the display says “01” until it says, “02” or any other position. Then follow the steps as before to program your additional counties. If you would like to receive any and all warning information that
occur on your transmitter, select “Any” at the “SET LOCATION” menu. Now you radio is programmed and ready to
go. Make sure to keep the batteries fresh and keep it plugged in. Be sure to take
appropriate action if you receive an alert For example, if you receive a tornado
warning, take immediate shelter. For SAME code and other information,
click on “See More” in the video description section below.

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