Online undergraduate computer science engineering degree

A couple of years ago some research was
done in the Provost’s office about people in Alabama and what kind of
demand there might be for online undergraduate degrees of course we’ve
done an online graduate degrees for years and years and years to graduate
outreach program but we haven’t done an undergrad degree so we were looking at
what kind of demand there might be and found a million people in Alabama with
some college but no degree so we’ve got just right in our backyard there’s a
large market so we hired a market research company that did some
investigation and found that of all the degrees we might offer computer science
was one for which there was significant demand this degree is really very
focused toward practicing professionals who will be writing software and we
developed a curriculum we believe that it’s appropriate right now for online
students to succeed in learning how to write software you will learn the same
kinds of things in terms of the fundamental theory behind software
development as well as application design you’ll learn how to develop PC
applications web applications applications for mobile phones we’re
really trying to target all the same kinds of development that our on-campus
students have learn to do an online course really never stops people often
are doing this in addition to full-time employment or to family responsibilities
so they’re working it in in their schedule whenever they can sometimes at
night and sometimes on weekends and we have to be responsive to people’s needs
those ways and so it really is not restricted just to the 8:00 to 5:00 work
day there’s just too many people who can be served this way who can’t be served
by a traditional program for us to pass up that opportunity current plan is to
start the program in January of 2018 this program is organized into sort of
small terms not traditional semesters that students take courses over the
course of a seven and a half week term they’re five seven and a half week terms
per year and if you take two courses per seven and a half week term you will
finish in two years

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