Oracle API Platform Cloud Service – Work Smarter!

Got my novel, got the iPad. I’m out of here.
“Have a great weekend, Carlos!” “Carlos, the release has been pulled in.” “We need the shopping API deployed to the
test instance by 6 AM tomorrow.” “Well, I guess…” Geez i was going to go to
the gym, get a haircut. I’ve got dinner with
Jackie and dancing with the crew. This API will take all night. What am I
going to do? “Carlos, this is make it or break it.” “Figure out how to use the Oracle API
Platform, and get it done.” Right! The Oracle API Platform. It’s super easy. I can get this done in no time. “Look, if you get it done, you can take a few days off next week. On the company.” Yeah, the Oracle API Platform. It’s really
versatile and simple. With the cloud-based console, I can configure the end points, add policies… It’ll be a snap. It’s great the OAuth Server is integrated with the API Platform, so I don’t need to do any
gateway-level configurations. And the on-premise gateway pulls down the API deployments that I configure automatically, so i can just do it from my
iPad. I remember having to VPN into our old
solution, but with the Oracle API Platform, I’m able to just use a cloud management
portal. Carlos, I need an update. Let’s see… I’ll add OAuth for user
authentication and authorization. …rate limit the applications to a hundred
calls per second… …specify my interface with resources and methods… That’s good enough to get people going. Deploy. And I can publish the Apiary Swagger documentation to the developer portal next week when I’m back from my days off. Done. Just in time. You had me worried. Oracle API Platform. Work smarter. To learn more, visit

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