PHP Object Oriented Programming (OOP): Introduction (1/13)

PHP Object Oriented Programming (OOP): Introduction (1/13)

37 thoughts on “PHP Object Oriented Programming (OOP): Introduction (1/13)”

  1. Fantastic that the channel is expanding and you go more and more into detail about essential and modern stuff like OOP and frameworks.

    I was wondering if you could perhaps make a video where you discuss different design patterns like the "singleton pattern" since they are bound to come up in job interviews and I've never really been able to fully comprehend the extent of them simply by reading a wiki site. Thanks!

  2. Is it just me or is it really hard to follow the lessons in order unless you have locked on to the playlist?  by having 1/13 on the very end of the description, a lot of times it is just not visible

  3. Kurnia Adhiwibowo

    May I suggest you, to change the tittle format. 
    topic : (sequence) title.

    I download the series, then i got the playlist is not in order. hehe
    sory for my bad

  4. foreach loop doesn't work for me, even when I write everything exactly like Terry. echoing the string worked fine. echoing the array in a foreach loop outputs nothing.
    Could this be caused by my setup?

  5. Hey i just wanna ask what else should i learn aside from OOP before starting using framework like laravel? Is basic OOP knowledge enough? Thank you in advance 🙂

  6. Is there an extra library I need to define to use OO classes in PHP.   I'm trying to use the Code given in this video and the class stdClass isn't being recognised

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  8. Spent 5 minutes looking for the cause of the problem:
    There was an undefined variable "names" in this line:
    foreach($obj->$names as $name){
    Turns out I don't need $ for properties 😀

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