Portland State’s ‘Mirror Game’ opera takes on gaming culture

Finding safe space for Everyone online is so important and especially for women and telling female positive stories is something that we’ve really begun to do in the Opera world, and we need to do more of ‘Mirror Game’ is a new opera by Celka Ojakangas and Amy Punt and it’s about women in the gaming and coding industries. So three characters Who are all competing with each other kind of in the metaphor of being in a game themselves? To get ahead in this industry that is not kind to women it I think that the closer that you get to mathematics or physics or or tech? Because there’s such a lack of women represented in those fields They have a very unique experience and maybe don’t have the community as well in order to process how those experiences affect them Amy wanted to write a story about the things that happen to women when they try to engage online the kind of trolling Negative posts the way that women are basically chased out of the online sphere I think that we’ve gotten back into this realm where we’re Normalizing that same type of behavior from the past. We’re like, it’s okay to Be overtly Aggressive or be like overtly put people down or overtly tell people that they’re not capable or don’t belong somewhere one of the things I hope is that women who are interested in the STEM fields and specifically women who want to be coders or hackers or gamers might find that this Opera speaks to some of the issues that they’ve encountered online and that it responds to that and the feeling that even if we haven’t changed everything we can certainly Start to change that part of the world for them and that we know it’s an issue I think half of it is about naming things as an issue and saying to people hey We got your back going forward I think that is definitely the beauty of creating an opera about technology because it creates the opportunity for Conversations to definitely start happening and I think more and more were really sensitive to the idea of telling women’s stories better and stories told By women and written by women because that’s something we’re really lacking in the Opera world The opportunity to hear women’s stories in ways we never heard them before is always a benefit particularly if they’re stories that you wouldn’t have access to otherwise and I mean That doesn’t even begin to address the idea that there’s so much outside of that male-female binary Opera should live and breathe today I think there’s no greater storytelling medium than the human voice and telling the story is through the power of music The particular beauty in this is that we can talk about science and we can talk about art and we can Have conversations that maybe wouldn’t have been possible and I think it’s a great first opera for young audiences Or people that might be curious about opera but are a little afraid of it It’s 80 minutes long straight through really cool visuals interesting characters and it’s in English. What more could you want?

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