Preparing for Course Enrolment: COMPUTER SCIENCE

Hi, my name is Lana – I’m studying to complete
a specialist in computer science and a major in cognitive science. Hi, I’m Felipe and I’m an upper year in computer
science and I study computational theory. Hi, I’m Calvin and I’m specializing in computer
science with a focus in Artificial Intelligence and here are some tips and tricks that we
have to help you navigate course enrolment. So when I first got admitted to the University
of Toronto, I knew that I wanted to study computer science. So I first did some research and looked at
the required courses that they’d asked us to complete. After that, I made sure to map those out on
my pseudo timetable. I actually decided to take this specialist
and I’m really glad that I did that because the courses that were given in the specialist
degree, I feel, made me a more well-rounded computer scientist. So always looking at your goals and what you
want to achieve kind of, after graduation is great. So the good thing about first year courses,
especially in CS, is that since the class sizes are that large there are actually many
different time slots available. So, you can be pretty flexible on how you
design your schedule. And I took full advantage of that – I’m a
person who doesn’t really work too well in the evening so I try to fit all of my courses,
either in the morning or in the early afternoon. But if you’re a student who works better at
night, just know that there are options for you. One of the things that I learned after being
in the program, is to really focus and work hard on the courses that matter to you, especially
the ones that are important for your degree. So by now, you’ve heard of breadth requirements
and of course, they are required to graduate – and some people are afraid of them, um because
you know it might be an area that you are not proficient or interested in. But I see it as an opportunity to extend what
you’re good at into some other field. So I work in a geography lab now, and that’s
all computer science work. So a computer science degree doesn’t necessarily
have to be in the department of computer science – you can do computer science pretty much

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