Program Your Mind While You Sleep! (Subconscious Mind Programming) Law of Attraction | The Secret

Program Your Mind While You Sleep! (Subconscious Mind Programming) Law of Attraction | The Secret

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  1. Those ten minutes before we go to sleep are extremely important! It's the best time for gratitude and appreciation.

  2. Your conscious mindΒ commandsΒ and your subconscious mindΒ obeys. When we go to sleep all the principal thoughts, desires, intentions, tendencies, feelings and ideas that have formed during the day are taken into the subconscious. Give yourself permission to be happy and successful

  3. All creation is done when the body is asleep, so ensure you use those moments just before sleep thinking/entertaining thoughts that will be useful.

  4. Speak to your phone to recall your dreams. {{ Its the 1st thing you pick up anyway, RIGHT ? ! }} Writing is incredibly slow. I had 8 – 10 very clear impressions about my dream, but by the time I wrote down "I was lost in a large hotel, running, searching, several rooms, several floors." everything else was forgotten

  5. I used to have great difficulty in falling asleep. My stress levels so high that, however tired i was, i would still toss and turn. Ever since I started to give gratitude to whatever i have in life or whatever good things happened that day, I would fall asleep without effort. It took time to heal myself, but am really happy I did. A video from this channel was the first one which guided me initially.

    Thank u Jessica. 😊 God bless you. Loads of love πŸ’


    Thanks You ❀ great creative possibility to achieve what i won't God πŸ¦‹Bless As all thanks You πŸ™πŸ™πŸ¦‹πŸŒΉ

  7. The only problem I have with this is that when I try any of these methods before I go to sleep I get myself amped up and then I cannot fall asleep, because my mind is now going a million miles an hour. Any suggestions on that?

  8. I've been listening to subliminal messages for one year now, and yes, I've manifested what I desired so far (a beautiful relationship), but I often still feel some of the old fears about relationships (fear of abandonment, fear of betrayal, trusting issues). My question is: why? Why, if I've been programming my subconscious mind for so long, I haven't overcome my old fears yet?

  9. I'm going to need you to think about the (insert desire here) I'm manifesting while I dream tonight. Place me in the scene of this ( ), walking around and looking at all of the details of it. And notice what is so different and wonderful as I move through this scene. Imagine the people I'll see, the things I'll touch, the sounds around me, and the feeling of excitement I'll have with ( ). Gather all of the information about how much fun I'm having and how rewarded, secure, and happy I feel. And store it away for me as a belief that it is already mine!

  10. Camille Matthews

    I want to try this and burn mugwort while I’m telling myself the steps just prior to sleep.

    Happy Manifesting πŸ’–

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