Programmer Ryan Gosling – WARNING: Very poetic!

Oh look at that! Ryan Gosling! He’s in the background. It’s hard for me to focus. My name is Abbie from App Sensation. I’m building apps for the nations. You like my apps, subscribe to that! And leave a comment and we’ll have a chat. I really have to go now. Let me go. Really! Hello everyone! It’s Abbie from App Sensation. And, today I want to talk to you about my
personal life. A lot of people ask me: “Abbie, do you have
a boyfriend?”. I don’t have a boyfriend right now and my
boyfriend, he left me… I think last year but it’s okay. You don’t have to be worried. I’m fine. I don’t mind. I don’t mind being alone. It’s fine. But he left me because he said to me: “Abbie,
you code too much. Stop! It’s 3am, you got to stop! You have to sleep, Abbie!”. And I said: “No! I have to write. I have to write code! I want to finish my apps. I have a business. It’s App Sensation. I need to finish my apps! You know, I’m a powerful woman, and I want
to grow my business. So you can’t tell me! You can’t tell me to stop writing code!”. It’s fine, he left me. But I’d like to talk to you about someone
different. I like to talk to you about my love. So, I have love. I have love and his name is Ryan Gosling. Have you heard? He’s a programmer like me. And, he has a blog. He loves writing. He loves writing poems. And, I like he puts in all his heart and it’s
very very romantic. So I thought I am going to share some of his
very very romantic poems today with you! You can have a look on his blog. It’s very nice! His blog is Programmer Ryan Gosling. It’s online. You can check it out. And I’ll share some of my favourite poems. “Hey girl, if you were the CSS to my HTML,
I’d important your every line! I don’t care what W3C says.” Ahhh… Ah! It’s very good. It’s so good! I don’t know but every time I read it, I get
shivers. Shivers all over my body, from head to toe. All the way! Another one. You want another one?! “Hey girl, you’re my superclass. You define what I can do.” It’s so… He’s very smart! He’s very smart! So poetic! Maybe one more? Maybe one more? You want one more?! That’s a very very good one. I love his poems they are very short but they
are to the point. He says: “Hey girl, fork my heart. Because I’m ready, I’m ready to commit.” So good! I hope you enjoyed this video. Also, one more thing! I found online, you can… Ryan Gosling, he’s
very popular! Very popular programmer! There’s a plugin for your browser. If you use Chrome, it’s for Chrome. It’s a Chrome extension. You can download this plugin and it changes
every, every single image into Ryan Gosling. So if you’re on Facebook, you can change all
the images from friends to and so on into Ryan Gosling. It’s very nice! Why not. He’s good looking. He’s a good looking man. He’s a good looking programmer. I’m going to download it. I’m going to install it. And, it’s very nice! So give it a try too! I hope you had a good time today. I had a good time. It was nice, very nice, to share with you
my relationships. And, if you have questions leave comments. You can leave comments below and I’m going
to reply. Or, maybe I’ll make a video and we’ll talk
more about my relationships. You can ask me stuff about my apps. I love build apps. That’s what I do. And that’s me for today. Thank you so much for watching! Oh… give me thumbs up and make sure to subscribe
for more information. And… Salut! It’s Abbie from App Sensation. Make sure to subscribe to my channel. You know, it’s not looking good! You have to be more supportive! I have to get followers. I need followers. So… No! Subscribers, they are called. It’s not followers. It’s subscribers! This is not good Abbie! It’s not good. Oh look at that! Ryan Gosling! He’s in the background. It’s hard for me to focus. (laughing) I don’t know but I think I have to go now. And… this is Abbie from App Sensation. I… go. I will go now.

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