Programming the HC Hydrawise compatible controller without Wi-Fi

I’m going to show you how to connect
your controller without Wi-Fi. The setup wizard will walk you through programming your schedule. In this example we have three zones. Zone 1: turf with rotors; zone 2: annuals with sprays and zone 3: shrubs
with MP rotators. If you need help determining peak watering times of your schedule, use the Hunter Runtime Calculator at Now let’s go through the setup wizard. Accessing the wizard from the home page, press settings, and run wizard. Because we’re going to do this offline,
select offline. Step number one will guide you through
the process of setting your time and date. I’ve already selected the date. Now for the time; the time has been
selected. Step number 2 allows you to identify a
master valve. In this particular case we have not assigned a master valve to this controller. Step number three allows you to select a
default runtime. Here you can see the default on the controller is five minutes. We will select 15 minutes. Step number four allows you to choose
the frequency of watering. It’s important to note we’ve selected
every program start time which allows you to schedule the controller similar
to a Pro-C or X-Core. Because zone number one needs a maximum of 30 minutes, I’ve chosen two different start times
because our default runtime is 15 minutes. So here you can see I have an 8
o’clock and an 8:30 start time monday, wednesday, and friday. Advancing to zone number two, I have a nine o’clock start time monday,
wednesday, and friday and we will further modify the runtime to 20 minutes once
we are complete. Zone number three has a 7:30 start time tuesday and thursday. The default runtime of 15 minutes will work for our application. Once complete, press the home button. Once setup is complete you can use the touchscreen interface to adjust your
zone run times as needed. Now we can access our zones and identify that zones 1, 2 & 3 have been scheduled because they’re highlighted green. Accessing zone number one, we can see there’s a 15 minute runtime and it will
occur twice a day. Accessing zone number two we will see
that it has a 15 minute runtime. In order to create the 20 minute run time simply press on runtime, erase the 15 minutes, and enter 20. Now we can see the 20 minutes is in the
runtime. Accessing zone number three we will see the 15 minute runtime with a singe start time twice a week. The HC controller gives you all the
benefits of Wi-Fi without the constraints of actually needing to
connect to Wi-Fi to program your controller, making it the perfect indoor
irrigation controller.

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