Programming with Python | Python for Beginners [1 of 44]

Programming with Python | Python for Beginners [1 of 44]

>>Hi there. This is Intro to Python
Development. I’m Christopher.>>I’m Susan.>>What we’re going to do is take
a look at some introductions, and talk about you, and talk about the course itself. So who are you again?>>My name is Susan Ibach, and I do business
development for AI gaming. We help companies, help
other people discover their code by designing things into really cool games as
a fun way of learning. I also like to geek
out on data encoding, and I also train for marathons, listen to a lot of metal music lately for some reason
of metal training. Maybe that’s because I’m
a spouse and mother of two, and all my boys in the family do
geek out on the metal with me, but not so much on the running.>>I’m Christopher Harrison, I’m a Product Manager
and side of Cloud NIH, Academic Ecosystems
here at Microsoft. I’m a web developer at heart, it’s how I came up. I’m a marathoner, a
Yogi, I’m a husband, father of one four-legged child, and then you’ll also
notice and you saw this on Susan’s slide as well. Down at the very bottom, are
respective social media, so if you want to get
in touch with us, that’s how you can find us. So let’s talk a little bit
about you to start to set expectations for
the course itself. So the expectation that
we have for you as the viewer is that you have a little
bit of programming knowledge. That maybe you’ve played
around with MakeCode, maybe you’ve taken
a basic JavaScript course, and now you’re just trying
to see what Python is all about and how you can start
doing development in Python.>>Yeah. You can take
that Python scale, this foundation you’ll get here, and take that into the world of
things like machine learning, web development or
automation and scripting, those are all the pipes
of paths you can follow once you’ve got
that basic foundation of Python. So we’re going to try
and give you a bit of a foundation to help
you go down that path.>>Exactly. That works perfectly
into what we are going to talk about is
the Python’s constructs. So we’re not necessarily
going to get a lot into the basic concepts
of programming itself, but how to do a lot of
that inside of Python. It’s worth mentioning real
quick that we are going to be doing Python version 3.x, more on versions later, but everything that
we will be doing with really one or two exceptions
would actually work with Python 2.x as well.>>Yeah. Our real goal
here when we put together this course
was to be able to, a lot of times when you’re
trying to learn something, you go find an online tutorial, and you think you understand
something and then you get halfway through
tutorial and go, I have no idea what
this code is doing. So as a goal here, we’re hoping that when
you’ve finished this course, you can go to an online tutorial
and be able to follow it. Yeah. There might be some new things
to learn in that tutorial, that’s why you’re doing it tutorial. But hopefully, we’ll give you
enough knowledge to be able to work your way through tutorials
to do more self-paced learning.>>Exactly. Speaking of
self-paced learning, you’ve given perfect segue
here, I appreciate that. Too real quick resources
that are worth calling out. The first is the link
to the GitHub repository. On there, you’re going to find
a whole set of resources, the slides, the code samples, etc. That you can use to continue to
grow your skills inside of Python. It’s also worth
highlighting the intro to Python course that’s on
Microsoft learn as well. So that way if maybe you don’t
feel like listening to us talk, but instead prefer to go
through a text-based modules, you can do that as well, neither one of us will be offended.>>Not at all. Though
we have done our best in this particular series to try and make each module very
stand-alone, very simple. So if there is a few things
you already know, you can go ahead and skip
ahead to the next module. So if it designed to be such that you can watch just the
code demo for one, watch with theory on another, so we tried to break it up into
little bite-sized chunks for you.>>Exactly. So if you get
sick and tired of our jokes, you’re not obligated to
watch from start to finish, you can dive right to
the spots that you want. Speaking of diving right
into the spots that we want, what do we go ahead, wrap
this little video up, and then get into getting started, where we’ll take a look at
doing the installation, and what you’re going to need to
start writing some Python code?>>See you soon.

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  1. Two incredibly stupid nobodies blabbering on for the entire video. Good thing there is a fast forward feature. Let me see what the second one is about… it may also be the last one I look at.

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