Programming your Shaw remote I Support & How To I Shaw

Programming your Shaw remote I Support & How To I Shaw

The Shaw Remote Control that’s included
with your cable box can also be programmed to control your TV, Blu-ray
Player, Stereo Receiver and more. Each device will be linked with a device key located at the top of the remote and once programmed, can control the basic features of your devices from your Shaw Remote. To get started you’ll need your Shaw Remote and the Remote User Guide included with your Digital Box. If you can’t find your Remote User Guide, you can access a digital version in the link provided below this video. Within this guide, you’ll find the specific setup codes for a wide range of devices organized by type of device and then by
manufacturer. Let’s start with programming the Shaw Remote to operate your TV. Once you do, you’ll be able to control the volume and mute functions of your TV with your Shaw Remote. To start, make sure your TV and Digital Box are turned on. Press the TV button, it will flash one time, then press and hold the setup button, this will cause your TV button to flash once and then twice, after a short pause. You can now release the Setup button. Next, using the number pad enter the code listed for your device and manufacturer in the Remote User Guide. If there are multiple codes, start with the first in the list. Once entered, the TV button will flash twice to show that the code has been accepted and the TV has been programmed. To confirm that the remote is programmed to control your TV, press the power button a few times to test that the remote can turn your TV on and off. If not, repeat these steps while using the next code in the list until you’ve found a code that will control your TV. With your TV programmed into the remote, press the Cable button to exit the setup and enjoy watching TV. It’s that easy, and the steps are the same to set up your Blu-ray Player or Receiver. Just be sure to select the correct device key for the device that you’re programming. For more information and additional support, please visit:

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  1. hi my control wrkin when u press any button but not registering on the cable box only one button register the up button wat could I do

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