Publish/Subscribe JMS chat application – Tutorial running on JBoss server

How to add a web or application server in an eclipse IDE? How to add server runtime libraries to a Java project in eclipse? How to create a JMS Publish/Subscribe chat application? How to retrieve the Initial Context from JNDI in a JBoss Server? Why implement the MessageListener interface? What is the onMessage Java Messaging Service method? How to obtain a JMS Topic using the InitialContext? How to obtain a TopicConnectionFactory in JMS? How to obtain a TopicConnection in JMS? How to make a class be a subscriber to a JMS topic? How to make a class publish to a JMS topic? How to read command prompt arguments in a JAVA application? How to setup a JMS Publish/Subscribe topic in JBoss? How to export an executable jar in eclipse? How to run an executable jar from the command prompt? How to run JBoss from the command prompt?

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