Sex & Drugs In Amsterdam – Simple Programmer European Tour 2015

John: Hey, John Sonmez from
Against my better judgment, I am trying to record this from my webcam. For some reason,
the YouTube web upload just like cuts off so I’m going to have to be brief because if
I go over like 8 or 9 minutes it just cuts me off. Anyway, I’m still in Amsterdam and,
like I said, I’m recording more of these videos on the road simply because I don’t have
enough of the high quality ones that I shot ahead of time. I didn’t anticipate—I didn’t
plan things out perfectly. Anyway, not a big deal, this is kind of cool
anyway. I get to talk about what I’m seeing and experiencing. Without getting too sidetracked
here, I then want to do a video on Amsterdam itself and some of the interesting things
about Amsterdam the myth and the reality. I haven’t been here all that long so I can’t
speak to you about everything, but I did do some research here. Amsterdam seems to be
known as the city of basically drugs and sex, right? On the drugs side, I did some research,
and it’s actually not necessarily that everything is legal here. There’s what’s called soft
drugs and hard drugs. The soft drugs which is basically marijuana is not even legal.
What it is is it’s not prosecuted and typically for under like 5 grams per person, and then
it’s like turn the other way and let these coffee shops sell. They’ve actually tried
to—at one point, at least in different parts of Netherlands, they’ve made it so that you
have to have this card license that shows that you’re a resident before you can buy
from one of these shops. They definitely wanted to cut down on the drug tourism basically.
It’s not like what I thought like, “Oh, everything is legal here and everything is totally fine
and you can just whatever,” although they do have magic mushrooms as well. Those are
at smart shops apparently. All this from my research here, not from personal experience.
I’ll get to that in a second, actually. On the red light district, on the sex side,
that is all true apparently, and there is huge—that is a huge tourist thing here.
Anyway, again, I haven’t been over there. I don’t really plan on spending much time
in that area. If that’s your kind of thing, fine.
Anyway, that kind of brings to the topic that I want to talk about because I got—I think
on one of my videos, someone commented, they’re like, “Oh, you know, John, he’s totally high
like he must have been getting between the videos.” Just because I think I’m a bit
jovial, maybe in videos, right, I either get accused of being high, of being Matthew McConaughey,
or Jeff Goldblum. When I get the glasses on, I look and sound like Jeff Goldblum perhaps.
I don’t know, but I think those are the comments I get. The high one doesn’t come
up too often, but this is crazy. This guy totally thought that that was what I was doing.
I’m going to give you my straight dope view on drugs and why I don’t do them. Have I
ever done any kind of pot or drugs before? In the past, of course. Sure. I’m not a total
____[inaudible 00:03:52]. I don’t care. I don’t attach like some crazy significance
to this, and I obviously drink alcohol, but not very often. My view on this is sort of
interesting. Being here in Amsterdam, I don’t really like the culture of the heavy kind
of drug use and smoking marijuana. I know that’s not popular with some of you that watch
these videos, but let me explain to you why. The thing is I don’t have anything like
seriously wrong about or against drugs. If you want to use drugs and get high or whatever,
fine. That’s fine. It’s just a bad choice, right? It’s a poor choice because it’s going
to sap your motivation. It’s sort of an external crutch is how I view it.
Now, again, I’m not saying like, “Oh, shame on you. Whoa, such a bad, bad thing.” I’m
just thinking from a personal viewpoint, it doesn’t make a lot of sense because it’s
like weakness, right? It’s like if you’re relying on something, even alcohol to some
degree it’s a weakness or you could say the same thing with prostitution, right? I’m like,
“No. Do I really care if he was a prostitute? No.” But it’s kind of a weakness for not
being able to perform to get your own—to not have to pay for what you want. To be able
to get what you want without having to pay for a thing, right?
The same thing with the drugs, it’s not the paying for it, but it’s the experience, the
getting high, the achieving things in life or feeling good without having to essentially
use something else to do that. That’s where the word comes to me, is it’s a matter of
weakness, right? I see the same thing with heavy alcohol consumption. I drink occasionally,
but I generally try to avoid it almost completely now just because, one, it makes me feel like
crap. Two, it feels like it’s a crutch. It’s an aid for conversation and for getting out
of your shell. I should just be able to overcome that. If I’m relying on the aid, I’m going
to be able to do it myself. That’s where I stand on the whole thing. If
you think that I’m doing drugs and doing these videos, you’re crazy because I don’t touch
the stuff. I’m here in Amsterdam I’m not going to go to the coffee shop. Well, I’m just going
to say, “Well.” If I did, maybe I would one time or whatever, just for fun. I’m not going
to go and party and really just waste time and my effort. I’m going to do things that
are productive that are going to like make me feel good, make me feel better about myself,
that are going to build my character, that are going to build my future and potential,
not things that are going to like just temporarily get me high and make me feel good temporarily
while being a crutch. That’s the truth of it.
I realized that a lot of you probably see things differently. If you pot smoke or whatever,
I’m not judging you. I don’t care. That’s your life. You choose. What I would caution
you is to say, “Hey, look are you”—to me, it’s almost like watching TV, right? I
always talk about you shouldn’t watch TV. You shouldn’t waste your time watching TV.
Well, same thing like if you’re sitting there getting high every weekend, how much are you
not doing? How much is it costing you opportunity wise? How much is that crutch costing you
from doing other things that would give you an equivalent joy or fulfillment in your life?
That’s what I got to say about that. Take it or leave it. Don’t do drugs, whatever.
I don’t care if you do. I don’t approach it from a moralistic viewpoint. I just approach
it from a practical viewpoint. It just doesn’t make sense to me, just like heavy drinking
doesn’t make sense to me. Like I said, in the prostitution side, anything that is typically
like an addiction or something that’s going to be a crutch it’s generally going to be
bad for your character and it’s going to stop your growth. I’m all about personal growth.
Anyway, greetings from Amsterdam. The video hasn’t cut off so that’s good. I’ll talk to
you next time and definitely subscribe to the channel. Subscribe to the podcast if you
haven’t already. Take care.

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