Should I Learn Java or C#?

Should I learn Java or C#? Learn C# for working with Visual Studio and
the Microsoft OS. C# links better with Windows than Java. I’ve heard that C# was made to work with
Microsoft SQL server. If you know C#, you’ll be able to work with
.net and Windows Presentation Foundation for creating graphical user interfaces. I’ve heard too many people say WTF when
working with WPF to consider it a good GUI. You could learn just C and C++, which gives
you a good programming skills foundation whether you move on to C# or Python. The strength
of C# is its generics and closures. Can you just give my question closure? You could learn Java or C# and have a job
for the next ten years. Java is so simple it is taught in many high
schools. That’s why I’m wondering if I should learn it. I really respect the state representative
who suggested replacing the foreign language requirement in high school with a programming
language. The kids are way more likely to use Java than French. They’re less likely to mess up their lives
getting a head start in programming as a STEM career, instead of getting laughed at trying
to pick girls up using fumbling French. C# is OK to use as a starting programming
language. Just realize how much Visual Studio does for you and can mess you up. Those are the IDE tools. And those tools should be reserved for the
master craftsmen. So I’ll learn C#. You should learn C# and another C language
to get a good foundation. You can learn Java or JavaScript later. You make it sound like I have to learn both.
Which one is better for my career long term? Good programmers are technically multi-lingual
– and I’m not talking about Spanish, French or Latin. At least either language would be better on
my resume. Except Spanish, maybe. You’d like to have better prospects than
being able to manage the night shift stockers at Walmart.

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