Silicon Valley: In The Weeks Ahead (Season 6) | HBO

Silicon Valley: In The Weeks Ahead (Season 6) | HBO

A man offered us
a billion dollars. You said, “no.” A very bad man.
And he would have turned us into the worst possible version
of ourselves. I mean, you can’t put a price
But it seems you just did. One billion dollars. GAVIN BELSON: I will be asking
the tech community to sign their name onto this. Tech ethics.
Or tethics for short. No one in town
is ever gonna sign this hypocrite’s
hypocritical garbage. Hey, Richard. Ah… what? -It’s my resignation letter.
-What? Pied Piper isn’t
the same company that I signed up for.
She has different needs now. You buddy fucker. I’m not a buddy fucker. RICHARD HENDRICKS:
I am your buddy, and you are fucking me.
Ergo… you are a buddy fucker. -See the logo?
-Russ. Check it! (HUMMING) One, two, three. Boom!
Tres commas tequila. Boom! Dollar sign, boom!
Billionaire, boom! Russ, boom! Fest, boom!
Russfest! You’re not doing anything
illegal here, are you? Fuck the police.

68 thoughts on “Silicon Valley: In The Weeks Ahead (Season 6) | HBO”

  1. Damn y'all just need to upload this on the internet and we can stream all episodes at once… We cant take all this goodness in doses

  2. Fucking love this show but fucking hbo now is not available in my country.
    Now waiting for fucking torrent websites……….

  3. Mhm. Mhm. Mhm. One . Two. Three. Boom. Tres. Comas. Tequila. Boom. Dollar Sign. Boom. Billionaire. Boom. Russ. Boom. FEST. Boom! RUSSFEST!

  4. I just hope they don't end up back in the incubator…..with nothing. If they do some "full circle" thing I hope its them making a proper incubator. With rules/guidelines ect.

  5. I have a few predictions on how this show will end. Maybe either Pied Piper goes bankrupt or is bought out, Richard sells out his principals or retires, or his internet is a success but Gilfoyle's AI becomes self aware and the world ends.

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