Silicon Valley: Wearable Chair (Season 6 Episode 1 Clip) | HBO

Uh, hey, Dinesh. Yes? Can I get the latest tech specs
from you, please? I’ve already sent them to you
five times. I don’t really want to dig
through my inbox. Um, so if you send it now,
it’ll be on top. I’ll wait. (DISDAINFULLY) Wearable chair. Sending now. -(COMPUTER PINGS)
-GABE: Thank you, Dinesh. (COMPUTER PINGS) (LAUGHS) Gilfoyle just sent… ♪ (SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYS) ♪ (COMPUTER PINGS) (COMPUTER PINGS) Um, Gilfoyle, what the fuck
is going on? I just texted you and you were,
um… we’ve been texting
back and forth all day. Was that not you? Complicated question. Is your shadow you? -Was that a bot?
-Yes. -So I spent all day
chatting with a bot?
-Yes. -You made an AI Gifoyle?
-Yes. And I was talking to it? Do you need the real me
for this conversation? You can’t just fuck with people
and manipulate them ’cause you don’t have
the decency -to want to interact
with a co-worker.
-(PHONE PINGS) Gabe wants to know if he’ll need
a jacket if he walks to lunch. And if so,
can he borrow a jacket. Look at him. Fucking Gabe. Hey, could you make me
an AI Dinesh?

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