Sophos Central Wireless: APX Hotspots

hi I’m Doug from the product team here
at Sophos and today we’re going to set up a hot spot for a Sophos wireless a
px access point we use an existing SSID that we’ve set up so let’s click into
the SS IDs menu on the left here and then we’ll choose the SSID we want to
use for our hot spot and then under the advanced settings submenu we’re going to
click through to the captive portal section then click the checkbox here to
enable our hot spot will then be able to build a landing page that our users will
see when they connect to the hot spot page title welcome text in Terms of
Service then we’ll need to choose an
authentication type we can choose none to allow people to freely connect if
we’re using a radius server we can allow back-end authentication that way the
password schedule option will automatically generate a new password at
daily weekly or monthly intervals we set and then email it out to specified email
addresses and finally there’s the voucher option which leverages a
printable voucher that can be handed out to your guests we’ll look at this a
little more closely in a bit we’ve also got a couple options for what happens
after users connect they can either be redirected to the original URL they were
trying to navigate to or we can send them to a URL of our choosing so let’s
save this configuration here and then take a closer look at how the voucher
feature works you’ll see we now have a create voucher button in the captive
portal menu so let’s click that will then give this voucher a name and decide
whether will honor it forever or between a set range of dates
we’ll then choose how many vouchers we want to print out and how long each of
these vouchers are valid for click Save and then we can see our newly created
vouchers here these are then available as a downloadable printable PDF file
that displays the hotspot name password login code and information about how
long the voucher is valid there’s even a QR code that can be scanned to enable
quick connections from compatible devices now that our vouchers have been
created let’s save this configuration using the blue button in the upper right
corner and our hotspot is up and running

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