Spelling With Chemistry – The Daily Programmer #302

Spelling With Chemistry – The Daily Programmer #302

9 thoughts on “Spelling With Chemistry – The Daily Programmer #302”

  1. You should have accounted for the case that spelling out a word isn't possible with the elements (e.g. the word "code"). In that case it could return that "It isn't possible to spell the requested word".

  2. I'm not sure, but I kind of geting the intuition that this could be done by tweaking the solution of matrix chain multiplication a little bit in a efficient way.

  3. I absolutely love these videos. My minor suggestion would be to make the size of your webcam feed slightly smaller during the actual coding. It's great to have the webcam, but I personally think it takes up a little too much room on the screen. Keep these coming!

  4. Is there a reason to find the biggest value rather than the smallest value? I don't really understand why we are spelling with Chemistry, is this a real thing (comp sci subject) or just for fun?

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