Study Computer Science at Aarhus University like Angelo Nicolosi

It completely frees your mind – you can create universes
and worlds completely by yourself! You can go from coding
your own game to solving big issues, or at least contribute the solutions of very important issues
that affect millions of people. I am Angelo Agatino Nicolosi, and I work at Danske Bank
as a chief software architect. I came here as an exchange student. The 10 months I spend here
were so great that I decided to come back for my full master’s degree. Academic life at Aarhus University
is extremely informal, which made it an
absolutely fantastic learning environment. You can directly talk to your teachers, and afterwards they
are really pushing for collaboration. As an international coming to Aarhus
it is really easy to meet people because the university helps you a lot. You study together with both
international and Danish students. This way you quickly learn
about the Danish way of life. The thing I really loved about
Aarhus University is the large course catalog – it is so big and comprehensive
with a huge amount of things you can study. You can pick and choose
whatever you like. What caught my eye about Danske Bank
was the graduate program. As a graduate, you slowly start working
while studying how the enterprise work. This really helped me start on a full-time job
while I was writing my thesis. Why I think Danske bank
is a great place to work? It is a very big corporation,
so you can start in a specific department but years later,
you can change to another department or different job role
while staying in the same enterprise. Here we have thousands
of transactions per second so these are very big systems
with a huge technology span. We work with anything from
mainframe to cloud computing. And this is what is really keeping me here – the challenge of having
almost 3 million customers, so you are impacting
the life of 3 million people, and on the other side the love for technology, this huge diverse universe
that we have here. People should choose
to study computer science if they are interested in technology in general and want
to know how things work. If it is not enough to chat
with your friends, but you want to understand
how the chat system works. People should really do what they love,
and if that is computer science, I can tell you, that here in Denmark
you will have a lot of fun with it.

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