Studying Computer Science in Cambridge

Computer Science as an industry is only
just starting out and it’s really starting to be recognised as a creative
medium. The computer science course teaches a broad range of skills so that
our students once they graduate they can go into roles such as cyber security
specialist, network administrator, software engineer. A Bachelor of
Engineering and Computer Science has so many opportunities for work placements. We’re very well placed in the Cambridge area. We’ve got Silicon Fen, we’ve got so
many industrial sites where people are really hungry to have software engineers
on board. They are equipped to handle any real world situation as our course
teaches a lot of hands-on scenarios and we go through our students step by step
on how to handle crisis situations as well as develop software to deal with
that. We don’t offer any year-long placements to our computer science
students that aren’t paid. The lowest they can expect to earn is national
living wage, but we also have had placement students out on 23,000 pounds a year. The fact that the course is accredited and when I complete it I’ll
be a chartered engineer is a real draw to the course, because I know that I
shouldn’t have much difficulty finding a job in the future, in many industries, as
engineers are very needed.

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